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How Digital Data Marketing Creator Scott O Hirsch Became the Tech Mogul He Is Today

Scott O Hirsch

Scott Hirsch hasn’t always been a widely recognized eCommerce, digital data, and online marketplace pioneer.

Before developing the cutting-edge opt-in email, e-appending, digital data, and media marketing services designed to optimize brand SEO, Google Ads, social media management, affiliate marketing, and DIY application development capability, Hirsch kicked his career off, in earnest, as an online marketing professional with a well-known eyecare brand.

Hirsch quickly proved his worth in this role, particularly as a digital marketing innovator. And after six years of remarkable success in that position, he decided it was time to create something on his own – services and marketing innovations that would soon revolutionize the digital marketing world.

In 1998, Scott O Hirsch developed the industry-leading opt-in email data marketing company, eDirect. It wasn’t long before Hirsch and eDirect made an impact on the industry, gaining attention from many large technology corporations. And after just two years, Hirsch merged eDirect with Naviant, the pioneer of online product warranty registrations.

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During its heyday, Naviant worked with high-level tech clients such as HP, Pac Bell, IBM, and Dell, enabling his newly-merged company to grow and experience considerable success in a short period of time. Due to the company’s unique offerings and rising value, it soon sold to Equifax for $135 million.

Scott Hirsch’s profile was elevated following the success of eDirect, resulting in a leadership opportunity with Seisin, a lead data-mining company. Under Scott’s innovative leadership, Seisin was sold to LexisNexis for $775 million in 2004. The sale of Seisin was the largest private business sale of the year.

After the sale, Hirsch founded Relation Serve Media. Serve Media was an interactive database marketing company. Hirsch sold his stake to a group of investors a little over a year after the company’s inception.

In 2008, Scott founded two more digital marketing companies, Media Direct and DigDev Direct. Both firms provide distinctive data and proprietary technology offerings that have positioned both brands at the top of the marketing field. Each company’s unique approach has driven continued excellence in customer acquisition and retention.

Scott O Hirsch of Media Direct is a worldwide media solution provider that empowers better connections between businesses and their target audience. DigDev Direct is a multi-channel infomediary that delivers industry-leading digital media and development services. Hirsch oversees both Media Direct and DigDev Direct.

In addition to two of the top-tier marketing companies, Scott currently runs Appsbar Inc. Co-founded by Hirsch in 2009, Appsbar provides businesses the tools to build and customize their own unique applications. Himself an entrepreneur, Hirsch wanted to provide other business leaders the capability to create something of their own.

Hirsch’s various companies and innovations have left their mark on the tech world. They’ve also solidified Hirsch’s position as a go-to expert in internet marketing. To date, Hirsch has been published in multiple prestigious outlets, including Fortune, Time, INC, Huffington Post, Ten Republic, Entrepreneur, and Fox Business.

When Scott Hirsch is not busy managing multiple marketing firms, he regularly contributes to such high-profile outlets as the Huffington Post, Young Upstairs, SiliconAngle, and BetaNews.

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