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How Clean is Your Restaurant?

Did you hear what happened to a popular restaurant in Lake Worth? Well, health inspectors paid them a visit and they weren’t impressed with the overall hygiene situation. The inspectors confirmed that there was rodent activity in the restaurant’s kitchen. Consequently, they ordered the restaurant owners to close temporarily and address the concerns raised. They passed the re-inspection and are now back in business.

And then there was a popular coffee shop forced to close temporarily to resolve sanitation issues. In this place, the inspectors found no compartment sink for manual washing. But

that wasn’t the only problem. The dishwasher didn’t sanitize properly, too. Luckily, the restaurant managed to resolve the issues and was allowed to reopen.

These events could have been avoided. Here’s how. 

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Hygiene Tips to Help Restaurants Stay Out of Trouble 

Every restaurant is expected to maintain proper hygiene of every nook and cranny of their premises.

One way to become a place customers trust is to have all your workers adhere to high hygiene standards.

Do the following, and you’ll avoid unnecessary embarrassment and “harassment.” 

  1. Formulate Hygiene Guidelines for Your Staff

Train your restaurant staff on proper personal hygiene, food safety and sanitation. Provide them with clean clothing, sanitary gloves, and other resources that help them maintain an overall hygienic environment.

Have them sanitize their hands regularly, too, maybe after every 2-3 hours. Also, let them wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes. And if anyone has a wound, it should always stay covered with some waterproof bandage.

Finally, every worker must wash their hands before handling food, between tasks, and after visiting the restroom. Pretty basic stuff, you would say. But you never know when a foodborne outbreak might happen. 

  1. Sanitize and Maintain Kitchen Equipment Consistently

Kitchen equipment is typically expensive. You want it lasting long and functioning optimally at all times. That’s why you must keep it properly maintained. If you do that, you’ll always have reliable kitchen tools. And you’ll reduce the likelihood of having trouble with inspectors.

So, clean and sanitize your equipment regularly. It’s best to develop a schedule for this so it’s done without fail. Clean and well-maintained equipment performs efficiently and supports your hygiene efforts. That means you should routinely inspect your equipment and take corrective action where necessary.

Apart from that, make sure to inspect every important area around your restaurant for cleanliness. From the kitchen and dining area to the washrooms — inspect them regularly to ensure they’re sparkling clean and sanitized. 

  1. Keep the Place Well Ventilated

Keeping your restaurant well ventilated is crucial. It ensures that the place stays sufficiently aerated and comfortable. Your employees need such an environment to give you their best performance. And,  your customers will love you for that. Improving ventilation ensures there isn’t too much moisture, kitchen fumes, or temperature.