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How Businesses Are Helping During Covid-19

With the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases globally, some major organizations have come up with ways to ensure the vulnerable will not lack their necessities. Some have opted to send donations in the form of medical equipment while others have and opted for cash.

Research has shown that many people have been pleased by these efforts. The study also shows that 75 percent of people are looking up to the organization’s presidents to be on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.

Below we look at how these businesses have helped in the fight against Covid-19:

  1. Alibaba

Chinese tech giant, Alibaba has donated medical equipment such as face masks, testing kits, and shields to several countries located in Africa and others in Europe. This generous act came shortly after they sent tones of medical equipment to Italy which has been affected largely by the virus.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has donated over $100 million to help small businesses around 30 countries that are on the verge of shutting down. It has also helped ease the worldwide tension by supporting live shows by popular artists thus keeping us entertained during this epidemic. It has introduced a community guide-line that is accessible by anyone around the word

  1. Distiller companies

They have halted the production of alcohol and instead started producing hand sanitizers and delivering them for free to the public. An example is the popular Italian wine organization Cantine which has donated large amounts of money to help the medical facilities combat the virus.

  1. Amazon

It has created a Covid-19 response fund that has aimed at helping the most affected. Amazon has also pledged to continue paying their employees their full monthly salaries despite them working from home. It also decided to ship essential stuff only, to countries that have been hit hard.

  1. Walmart

Walmart has recently shocked many people by employing close to 200,000 people in two months. This is contrary to other businesses that have instead, fired their employees. It has also paid huge bonuses to its employees who are risking their lives by working during this pandemic.

  1. Morgan Chase

It pledged over $50 million to immediately combat the virus and also come up with methods that will enable us to find financial stability once it is over. This will enable those who are more vulnerable to recover from the financial crisis they will be left in.

  1. Goettl

Goettl is a company that deals with providing air conditioning and plumbing services. Its president has ensured that their services will still be available to the public. It has installed UV-C lights in their employee’s homes which are used as disinfectants for bacteria.

  1. T-Mobile

It has donated close to 50,000 phone chargers to medical facilities to ensure quarantined patients keep in touch with their family and loved ones. It has joined hands with Verizon to provide donations to the relief funds that will go in hand to support small businesses.

  1. Paradised

Popular clothes brand, Paradised has pledged to provide hospitals with thousands of medical equipment. It has also created a specific link that ensures you are supplied with a face mask when you launch it.

  1. Calares

Popular shoe company Calares together with Crocs has pledged to donate footwear to health-workers. It has halted the manufacture of these crocs to facilitate the production of face masks.

  1. Eco ATM gazelle

It has made medical appointments easier by donating iPads to medical facilities. These iPads will help in controlling the number of patients visiting the hospital at a time. They will also be used by patients that are on lockdown to reach their family and friends.

  1. Google

Google has donated over $800 million to health officials, relief funds, and small-scale enterprises. It has joined hands with Apple in coming up with an application that will not only track but also prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

  1. Nomad

Popular accessory group Nomad has taken advantage of its good relations with suppliers based in China to provide medical workers with medical kits at slightly cheaper rates. They have further diverted all the profit gained to relief organizations. It is also at the front line in the production and distribution of hand sanitizers.

  1. Ford

Popular motor company Ford has stopped motor production and has instead switched to the manufacturing of ventilators and respirators. It has also overseen the production of parts to be used as protective gear through its 3D printing capability.

  1. Uber

Giant taxi service Uber has offered to provide free food and rides to medical workers who are helping in the fight against Covid-19.