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How a Florida Teen Changed The Future Of Learning Code

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Ishraq Khan

Ishraq Khan is a 17-year-old teen from Florida who made a significant mark by revising how we learn and teach coding. The high schooler wanted to bridge this gap and started by launching a prototype of the site, Kodezi, while he was attending Seminole High School during his freshman year.

Kodezi’s Past

Ishraq Khan, was only 15 years old when he realized the gap in learning to code. He saw two significant flaws and hindrances which made coding an arduous task for students.

  1. He noticed that all the courses available on different online sites demanded a fee for the classes. So, if a student were interested in something like coding to obtain a certification in that field, he would probably need to pay for it. In today’s world, 
  2. Secondly, he noticed that the same teachers made all the “free” videos available on youtube. Thus, hours of long and tedious content about an exciting subject like coding did nothing for the students. He concluded that no one learned anything from them.
So, how does Kodezi work?

Kodezi is a learning platform for students.

It works like this:

  • Students make short comprehensive video tutorials on coding to explain the topic
  • By making tutorials, they receive points or rewards
  • The students at the site search for a topic and watch the tutorial
  • Kodezi offers redeemable points for those who make the video and those who attend and learn from it
  • These points are then redeemed for prizes and rewards later on
Saying Goodbye to “TeachMeCode”

With hundreds of videos uploaded with thousands of views on it, the site was doing exceptionally well; unfortunately, the web hosting service Ishraq was using for his site started having problems. 

The birth of Kodezi: Coding made easy

A year later, Ishraq reunited with his concept and thought about relaunching the site, although he wanted to do it bigger, better, and more premium this time. Thus, he spent the money he had saved to hire people to work on the site, from managers, engineers, and graphic designers, because he wanted to give the website a new look.

In addition to the new look, there is a new feature to the site, similar to StackOverflow. The users can ask any questions, but they don’t need to wait for the answers, as experts will answer them quickly.

Furthermore, not only is this the greatest new feature soon to be implemented but they have created a brand-new alternative to open-source learning, where users are able to upload their code to share to the rest of Kodezi’s base while having access to their open-source directory.