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Hinged Vs. Sliding Door: Which Is Best For My Patio?

When choosing a design and style for their home, many people are faced with the problem of choosing such an important element as a patio door. At first glance, there is nothing special about it, and the first thing that comes to mind is the standard version with a hinged door. But there is another very convenient and practical option – a sliding glass patio door. And here the question arises: which patio door is better hinged or sliding?

Hinged Patio Doors

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This option is a traditional win-win solution. Most customers order hinged doors the old-fashioned way and do not regret their choice.

The design is a movable cantilever, which can open both outward and inward. It is possible to install the door hinges and position the handles on the left or right side. Hinges connect the door frame and moving leaf. The leaf can be:

  • Single hinged patio door: the classic design, which is suitable for most doorways. Used everywhere and does not fail in quality.
  • Double hinged patio door: consists of two parts and can exceed two meters in width. It is equipped with a unique system for fixing the sashes in the closed position.

Pros & Cons of Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged designs can be rightly called the most common type of door. The reason for such high popularity is apparent: such design can be installed in the absolute majority of types of interiors and layout options. They are convenient, and thanks to the simplicity of the hinge mechanism, are highly reliable. Quality door hinges are not subject to wear and tear and very rarely fail. Hinged doors have several advantages:

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  • Price: the range of prices for door leaves and fittings is also broad, so the finish from the builder includes this version of the door.
  • Fit in any door opening position, for example, located in a small area at an angle to the side walls or the end of the room.
  • The classic look suit any design.
  • Possibility to manufacture to order or to buy ready-made models of the correct size.
  • Security and the possibility of upgrading – improving the fittings, leaf, replacement of parts of the door frame as it becomes obsolete, etc.

The main disadvantage is the requirement for space: the patio door must have a place to swing open. That is, the distance in front of the door and along the wall of the abutting hinges must match the size of the door; you can not put anything there. This is inconvenient for tiny houses, where every square meter of space is saved.

Sliding Patio Doors

https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/patio-modern-marine-villa_4649133.htm#page=1&query=sliding%20patio%20doors&position=5If there is little space in the room, you want something original in the interior or add natural light; it is recommended to install sliding glass patio doors. According to The Glassperts, who have years of experience in patio repair in Orlando, this is a new trendy way of dividing space.

The main difference between sliding and hinged doors is the opening mechanism. Sliding doors do not rotate but slide to the side, releasing the opening. Sliding door mechanisms are available in various types and differ mainly in the specific movement of the leaves. Therefore, the same elements are included in the device, which may vary in design and workmanship.

The construction includes:

  • tracks, the number, and type of which depend on how the leaves are moved: with overlap or against each other;
  • rollers for moving door leaves;
  • the glass door leaf itself, consisting directly of glass and frame;
  • handles and latches equipped with locks or latches.

Modern sliding systems are quiet and reliable. They are equipped with door closers and silent locks, so they operate with the slightest movement of the hand. It is worth remembering that a high-quality sliding design can not cost cheap; how reliable the fittings will be, depends on the term of operation.

Pros & Cons of Sliding Patio Doors

Patio sliding doors have become increasingly common in interiors in recent years. The reason is the combination of practicality, aesthetics, and the ability to look organically in any interior. The latter is made possible thanks to many installation options, opening technology, and the material from which webs are made. The most important advantage is that the door does not need additional space because the leaf does not open; it is enough to provide space for sliding. Benefits of sliding doors:

  • suitable for any interior style;
  • ideal for small rooms, where sometimes there is not enough space to freely open the door;
  • glass patio doors let in a lot of natural light, are almost invisible in the interior, and expand the area;
  • sliding doors are safer for kids than swing doors because they are harder to pinch your fingers; they do not swing open from draughts.

And there are no disadvantages? – Of course, there are.

  • high-quality fittings must be used and very accurate and precise installation, i.e., you can’t do it yourself;
  • the service life is shorter without annual preventive maintenance;
  • relatively high price.

Of course, the main criterion of choice is a personal perception because sliding doors are still a matter of taste and habit.