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Here’s Why You Should Purchase Produce From Farmer’s Markets In Florida

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Greens are an extremely important part of a healthy diet, so you need to make sure you always have some at hand. It’s important to buy them from a good source such as a farmer’s market so you know the quality is good. Here are some other reasons why, if you’re in Florida, you should start buying your produce from farmer’s markets.

Support Your Local Farmers and Their Families

First off, buying from a farmer’s market means that you’re giving money directly to the farmer that produced the food. There are no extra costs needed to cater to the presence of middlemen and, thanks to giving money directly to them, they’re in better control of the profits from their trade. With nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States currently, a good number of them are in the agriculture industry due to the existing demand for food crops. You will build great relationships with them and improve sustainability in your area.

Invest In Your Local Economy

As mentioned, buying from farmer’s markets means you put money directly in your locality. When more people do this, they will have come together to create a bustling local economy that everyone will benefit from. Items purchased from stores and large commercial chains don’t necessarily get their produce locally, so they don’t always play a role in growing an area’s economy. Help reinforce your local economy by getting your needs for produce met by the farmers in your area.

Eat the Freshest Fruits and Vegetables

Farmer’s markets are held within a certain locality, so when you buy from them, you’re sure that you’re getting the freshest option. Different states will have different produce that they have in abundance. For instance, in Maine, potatoes are among the top three sold items in the state alongside cannabis and lobster. This is different from Florida, where it’s oranges, cane for sugar, and tomatoes.

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Teach Your Children About the Importance of Eating Healthy

When you buy from farmer’s markets where the available products are generally fresh and healthy produce, you teach your children the importance of eating healthy food. They realize that there are many people who are similarly producing and eating healthy food options, so they’re likely encouraged to follow suit. When they grow older, they will likely keep up healthy eating habits and also teach their children to do the same. You can make the experience more immersive by coming up with a list of the produce you need to get at the market each time you go. This will give them a good sense of what it involves, and when they’re older, they will be happy you took the time to do so.

Support Organic, Chemical-Free Agricultural Practices

Finally, when you buy from farmer’s markets, you help support agricultural practices that are chemical-free and organic. This is because many small-scale producers, who will be the ones you buy from at farmer’s markets, generally avoid the use of chemicals. Large food corporations often spray their crops with a range of pesticides to make sure they maximize their profits. If you would rather buy food that’s fully chemical-free, you will find it in farmer’s markets rather than in supermarkets and chain stores. Stock up on healthy greens that are grown in a way that leaves no negative effect on the environment.

With the benefits of buying produce from local farmer’s markets above, it’s possible to see why many people choose to do so. Join them and you will become part of a large green network that’s helping keep the environment green and populations healthy.