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Here Are The Most Successful Gamblers In History


Have you ever thought about transitioning from a recreational gambler to a professional one? Well, gambling is just a professional activity like any other. In fact, the best thing about gambling, unlike other professions, is that it can make you an instant millionaire if it’s your lucky day. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend millions to make millions.

Some players have won jackpots with incredibly affordable stakes from as low as even $5. Nevertheless, it’s all about luck, patience, skills, and trusting your instincts on where exactly to place your money in a reputable online casino.

Successful gamblers are the richest and most influential in the industry. It is important to note that some of them earned their fortunes while playing poker at physical casinos. Others did it in online poker tournaments and various progressive jackpots. So, who are some of these successful gamblers that the whole universe looks up to?

  • Billy Walters

Are you looking for a rag to riches story that will inspire you to continue wagering on sports? Well, Billy Walter lived that life, until he started a 30-year winning streak in sports betting that obviously leaves him filthy rich. Billy grew up in Kentucky as an orphan who had to be raised by the maternal grandmother from the age of two. However, his career did not live for long after he was tried and convicted to serve five years for inside trading. He is also synonymous with multiple money-making businesses that are believed to be funded by his sports betting winnings. For instance, he has a car dealership, a car rental franchise, and a golf course.

  • Edward Thorp

If there are people who believe that you can leverage maths skills and win any poker game through card counting, then Edward Thorp is your guy to watch. Edward Thorp wrote the coveted Beat the Dealer book that demonstrates how tracking the ratio of high cards to low cards sitting on the deck could give you an upper edge in blackjack.

On the first day of trying his technique, Thorp made a $1000 profit in a Las Vegas casino from a $10,000 bankroll. His friend, Manny Kimmel, facilitated the bankroll. Edward Thorp is an icon because he invented some of the most complex techniques at a time when computers were less powerful even than the current mobile gadgets. However, some of the methods he invented then are now illegal and prohibited in most casinos.

  • Phil Ivey

Can you imagine winning 10 World Series of Poker bracelets? Well, that is who Phil Ivey is. Ivey is arguably one of the best poker players in the world as his prowess and winnings are unprecedented. However, Ivey’s light doesn’t just shine without putting him at the edge of controversial winnings that saw him landing in court more than twice.

In 2012 while playing in London, Ivey won about $11 million in baccarat, but the casino refused to pay, citing gaming irregularities. The same fate befell him at Borgata, where his “edge sorting” move was termed illegal. Nevertheless, Ivey has won big in multiple tournaments throughout his career. Remember to stay updated with local news to find out what Ivey will be up to next time.

  • Chris Moneymaker

If you ever find yourself thinking in the line of poker and money, Chris Moneymaker is your guy to watch. In 2003, Moneymaker surprised the entire world by winning $2.5 million at the World Series of Poker with an $86 buy-in. In his entire career, Moneymaker notes that he has earned a whopping $3.9 million, which is just an estimate because he is still an active poker player. Chris is also earning from the sale of his biography which highlights the details of his biggest win at the World Series of Poker.

The above gamblers should be an inspiration to you, that everything is possible, provided you are lucky, patient and committed to the process. Most importantly, you should have a sizeable bankroll that steers you throughout the year.




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