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To Heck With The Diet, It’s “Eat What You Want Day”

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If you’re, like many people these days, and are beginning to feel disillusioned with all of the dieting things, you will be glad to hear about Eat What You Want Day.

The History of Eat What You Want Day

Eat What You Want Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat.com to help people break away from the frustrating health and diet trends of our times, if for only one day, and just let go and enjoy life a little. Most nutritionists seem to agree that giving yourself a break every now and again can actually be good for us, and that forcing ourselves to eat only low-calorie, tasteless foods for prolonged periods of time is likely to cause us to suddenly gorge on everything in sight when our determination wears off.

How to Celebrate Eat What You Want Day

It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine how to celebrate this holiday, really. You can eat whatever you want, isn’t that enough cause for celebration? Everyone is different, so for some people, this will mean pigging out on junk food. They will stop counting calories and go berserk, eating everything from ice cream to chocolate to cake and pie, and then some cookies with ice cream washed down with hot chocolate, and then some ice cream cake. You get the picture.

However, nowhere in the holiday’s description does it say that you have to take this route to gastronomic satisfaction. The key is to eat something that you truly enjoy, so whatever food that is for you, get celebrating!

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