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Happy Hour At Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar

Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar

Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar (RT) is a restaurant with, as of this writing, eight different locations in Florida. The restaurant is eponymously named after its co-owner, Rocco Mangel, who opened the first location in 2007. The location In Naples opened in 2019. If nothing else, the assonance in the establishment’s name is catchy.

Recently, with dining companions in tow, I decided to check out their happy hour which happens daily from 4-7 PM, offered at the bar only. This includes the immediate bar area outside and adjacent tables, and strictly the bar inside not including the high-top tables.

Indoor bar area

If sitting inside, one cannot help but notice the more than ample wall of tequila behind the bar, I tried to count the tequila offerings on their menu and lost count sometime after 250. They are legion and exceed 300 choices.

We were really there that day to check out the happy hour menu. The happy hour service is more of a Fast Casual format. One must order at the bar and with the exception of beverage orders, most of the food is brought to your seat by servers.

The first thing tried was the totopas with salsa and queso. It was a pile of seasoned tortilla chips with a queso dip and a salsa of tomatoes, onions and cilantro. The queso dip, very much like Rotel dip, was of course heavy duty. It was not bad but you really need to like these heavy dips. The salsa was unremarkable and didn’t really add to the dish.

Flautas with salsa

The flautas were a different story. These were excellent. Tortillas are filled with shredded chicken mixed with Chile de Arbol, a medium hot chili rolled and fried. It is topped with Mexican Crema, which is essentially creme fraiche with lime and salt added and served with salsa. This was very filling and highly recommended.

We also tried a couple of their taco offerings. All of the tacos ordered were served with flour tortillas (corn on request) and come topped with pickled onions/carrots, pico de gallo, Cotija Cheese and cilantro.

Cochinitas achote tacos

The tacos were also excellent. The ones ordered, served on flour tortillas, were large and two could be a meal for most. We tried the cochinitas achiote tacos which is Slow Cooked Pork spiced with Annato, a slightly peppery/nutmeg-like spice. It was delicious. Equally excellent were the chicken tacos and highly recommended.

Comparing the happy hour and regular prices here, there are some really good values and some not so good. The tacos are only $0.25 less expensive than the regular menu. The totopas are only $0.50 less than the regular menu price. The only real discount on the food was the flautas. Although a smaller portion size than the regular menu, they were 40% off from their normal individual price.

The real value comes from the beverage prices at happy hour. All beers are around 25% off and the margaritas are less than half of their normal menu price. The jalapeno margaritas are very good and highly recommended.

Even though some of the happy hour menu items are really not discounted very much, one can come here and get a very filling meal by ordering two happy hour food items and a beverage for $15.00. Considering contemporary food costs, this is not a bad value.

One word to the wise, the seating for happy hour is extremely limited. Especially during the winter months. I would get here a bit before 4 PM as the available spaces fill up rapidly.

Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar

9123 Strada Place # 7135

Naples, FL 34108

(239) 500-8226

Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar Website

Open daily for happy hour, 4-7 PM; All major credit cards accepted.

Peter Horan, Southwest Florida Forks, posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com

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This article originally appeared here and was republished with permission.