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Hamburger Helper Reveals What’s in the Glove (Video)


Hamburger Helper has finally revealed what is inside their smiling logo. Keri Lumm reports.


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You’ll never look at Hamburger Helper the same way again after taking an unprecedented peek inside its mascot’s glove.

One Twitter user questioned the anatomy of the dinner supplement’s helping hand mascot, which looks like a white glove with a smiling face on it.

“Someone who is good at science please help which is the correct anatomy of hamburger helper,” the inquiring person asked Saturday, sharing a photo of the mascot and two possible skeletal structures that could be hiding inside the glove.

The company saw the plagued poster’s cry for useless knowledge, but it initially responded with a cheeky non-answer: “I cannot be defined by your so-called human standards.”

But as the post made its rounds, some creative people (with entirely too much time on their hands) responded, sharing illustrations of Helper’s possible bone structure.

But all those efforts didn’t produce the mascot’s true skeletal makeup, so the brand — now called Helper — interjected on Monday to settle the score.

In case you were wondering (or have become curious in the last two minutes), here’s what Helper looks like when its glove comes off:

Bon appetit.

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