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Ground Up’s Harrowing “Vincent River” Among The Season’s Best

Beverly Blanchette and Robert Johnston in Ground Up & Rising’s Vincent River (Photo by Provoke Photography)

By Bill Hirschman, FloridaTheaterOnStage.com, for  SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 26, 2015 – Stop what you’re doing. Really. Go online right now and reserve tickets to see Ground Up & Rising’s harrowing and movingVincent River, inarguably one of the best productions of the season.

The link? Tickets. Done? No excuses. Okay.

The scrappy Miami troupe performs in an out-of-the-way warehouse or the ballroom of a botanical garden; their finances make a shoestring budget look flush. But over and over, the thematically ambitious company has been producing visceral, gritty work during its 10-year history such as On An Average Day, Gruesome Playground Injuries, 9 Circles, Dying City, Jesus Hopped The A Train and The Hate U Gave: The Tupac Shakur Story.

And now, Vincent River, a kind of mystery about a fatal gay bashing whose secrets most of you will see coming from almost the opening minutes. But the journey getting there is the virtue of the drama as two wounded people circle each other warily, clumsily reach out needing something painful and precious from the other, fail each other, fulfill each other, hate each other, love each other, all in a dance of human relations.

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