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Greatest Wins in Las Vegas


When it comes to discussing the most outstanding games that draw the greatest number of casino-loving enthusiasts in Las Vegas-based casinos, there are a few of them that deserve particular attention.

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Las Vegas slot machines, blackjack, poker and roulette are ranked as some of the most widespread casino amusements that attract the greatest audience compared to the rest of games on offer. They are all quick-paced, fun to play and easy to operate, which are some of the key reasons why casino visitors are so attracted to this kind of games.

Above all, they are intensely high-paying and at some moment in the history of Vegas’ casinos, they have resulted in huge payouts the likes of which have never been seen before. Let’s discuss some of the greatest and truly life-changing winnings in the history of Las Vegas.

The biggest slots winning ever

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In 2003, Ethan Miller, who at that time worked as a software developer in Los Angeles, grabbed a huge win amounting to almost 40 million dollars after placing a hundred dollar bet in the Megabucks fruit machine at one of the gambling spots in Las Vegas.

Many people wondered how this could at all happen when the odds of coming out as a winner at that moment was one in 16 million (read more stories here). Ethan’s victory became the most wide-scale slots jackpot winning that has ever happened in Vegas. There is, however, no detailed information on whether the lucky winner continued his software developing career or whether he had chosen to keep on playing slots in Vegas.

One more big-sized Megabucks winning

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It is difficult enough to imagine how one could win millions of dollars in pure cash after playing a Las Vegas fruit machine, but one lucky man found himself in such circumstances more than once. Elmer Sherwin, a World War II veteran, happened to be 76 years old, when he obtained a huge win amounting to 4.6 million dollars in the form of a Megabucks jackpot.

All this happened just several hours after the local casino was opened to the casino-loving audience. He used up all his winnings to travel around the globe. Even having such a huge sum of cash in his pockets, Sherwin kept playing slot machines once in a while and at one moment, he turned out to be a winner once again. It happened sixteen years after his first victory and this time he grabbed over 20 million dollars using the same slot machine. This time, however, he used up most of his winnings for charity purposes.

The biggest winning in blackjack and baccarat

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Not every fruit machine user lands at a casino in Vegas having hopes that he will turn into another millionaire. We are talking of an Australia-born billionaire Kerry Packer, his trip to Vegas turned out to be a high-paying adventure indeed. He grabbed between 20-40 million dollars after a few gaming sessions in blackjack and baccarat. Regrettably, a few years afterwards, he lost around the same sum of cash at one of the London-based casinos, so this proves that it is always better to know where to stop, especially when it comes to gambling.

Persistence is the key to grabbing a big win

Several years ago, Amy Nishimura, 71, finally won her long-expected jackpot while enjoying her vacation in Hawaii. Each time she stopped at a casino in Vegas, Nishimura used to play the one and only slot machine at the local resort area. She believed that one day she will get lucky and grab a big win. She played for several hours having less than a hundred dollars and she turned out to win a small fortune amounting to almost 9 million dollars. This is the best proof that perseverance is always a good way of achieving whatever you want.

The greatest roulette winning ever seen in Vegas’ history

At the start of the millennium, a British gambler, Ashley Revell, traded away all of his belongings, including items of clothing and placed a huge sum of cash at stake on one and only spin of a roulette-based wheel at the local casino resort in Vegas. Soon enough, he grabbed a huge sum of cash that was ranked as the biggest roulette winning in the entire history of Vegas.