Government Appointee Wants To Hold On To Volunteer Job So Badly He Hired A Lawyer

Jim Cummings

By Buddy Nevins,, for, Aug 25, 2015 – This is from the Oh Pleeeeze Department.

Jim Cummings, the retired builder whose term is up on the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority after 18 years, wants to hold on to his job soooo badly that he has hired a lawyer.

The lawyer, as they are paid to do, has obfuscated what usually is a routine appointment process.

Matthew D. Katz, esq. found some alleged flaw in the appointment process.  Katz says the appointment should be transferred away from Commissioner Stacy Ritter, who wants to appoint former Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco, to the board.

This farce would be funny if it didn’t (1) cost taxpayers money for the county’s lawyers to research and give an opinion, (2) confuse and delay the appointment and (3) wasn’t so pitiful.

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