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Good Face Coverings For Kids This Back To School Season


Going back to school can be a stressful time for lots of parents. Think books to purchase, stationery to get, uniforms to buy and lunch box prep. With the current coronavirus pandemic, adding face coverings to that list can make it all that more overwhelming. 

Companies have been quick to add face masks into their repertoire but now there are so many to choose from. So, we’ve searched high and low for five great face coverings that are perfect for your kids when they go back to school. 

Hoo-Rag Kids Bandanas

Check out these custom Hoo-Rag facemasks, which ensures that your child has a fun and different face covering for when they head back to school. Hoo-Rag have several different types of designs for their bandanas available and you’ll find their face coverings are perfect for winter and summer. Their materials are made with moisture-wicking technology, ensuring your child’s face will stay cool and dry.  Being able to add your own custom design as well to these face coverings makes for a great product that your kids will love.

Crayola Kids Reusable Cloth Face Mask Sets

Who doesn’t love Crayola! Their products are always a favorite with kids and now they have released some really cool face masks. The colors are just as bright and playful as you would expect from a brand as large as this. They come in several different types of designs and every pack has one for each day of the week. We love that you can pop these straight into the wash, knowing that there’s a fresh and clean mask for tomorrow’s school day. 

Cubs Coats Face Mask 2 Pack

These super cute face masks are by Cubs Coats. The pattern is simply adorable and what makes them even better is that 10% of proceeds are donated to Feeding America, who are helping provide COVID-19 relief for affected families. They are made with 100% cotton, are hand washable and have a metal nose piece for a comfy fit. We only wish that they came in adult sizes so we could pretend to be bears too. 

Onzie Mindful Masks Assorted 2 Pack

This next product by Onzie are perfect for kids between 5 and 10. Made from the same materials as their yoga clothes, these masks are comfortable, stretchy and breathable. They’re great to use as-is or underneath PPE masks for extra protection. Onzie has plenty of color options as well as a sizing guide on hand, so you can purchase your kids’ masks knowing they will fit properly. 

Gap Unisex Face Mask Pack

These face masks from Gap are perfect for going back to school. They’re simple and easy to put on with elastic ear straps and adjustable nose pieces. These masks come in packs of three and have several different types of patterns to choose from including floral, fruit, plain or spotty. Each mask is made from lightweight cotton, so your children will find it easier to breathe while they run and play.