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Golfing Tips: How To Improve Your Swing


Good golfing is all about how you take your swing at the ball. Your swing determines how and where the ball will go. If you already have a good swing, hitting the ball in the direction you want is pretty straightforward. But you can do better to get the perfect swing by adjusting some various body postures. The following are some tips to help you improve your swing.

Be Keen on Your Weight Distribution

Your posture will highly impact how you swing; therefore, ensure that your weight distribution is even. Standing on the balls of your feet ensures an even distribution of your weight. You should also avoid standing on your heels; doing this makes it hard for you to turn your foot on the backswing.

Watch Your Grip

A good grip gives you a good swing. It requires you to keep your hands low, which is an efficient way of reducing the height of your shot. It also helps you get better control of your club, which ultimately determines the quality of your swing. Keeping your hands low adds on to forward power, thus ensuring your shots feel a lot less aimless.

Place Your Head Down

Keeping your head down prevents you from jerking your upper body. You might feel tempted to place your head up to see where the ball goes. That should not be the case though, keep your head down and focus on hitting the ball right. After that, you will have ample time to observe the ball go where you wanted it to.

Keep Your Elbow in Tight

Keeping your elbow tight helps you maintain control and prevents your shoulder from jerking up as you swing. If you want to prevent the golf ball from curving dramatically after hitting it, you will have to learn how to keep your elbows under control.

Swing From the Body

The quality of shots has very little to do with arms and almost everything to do with your body. Always ensure that you rotate your body into the shot instead of trying to strike the golf ball with your arms.

Rotating your body will help you take advantage of your body’s power leading to much better shots. It also gives you greater control allowing your longer shots to go precisely where they are needed to.

Hinge Your Wrists

While shooting, view your body as a hinge. Placing the golf club at a forty-five-degree angle will help you shoot off right. The club should be roughly parallel to the ground when you are at the peak of the swing to ensure that you are more precise with your swing.

Ensure Proper Position of Your Ball

Ensure to keep your ball at the middle of your stance when using irons. Alternatively, you can place the ball close to your front foot when using a driver. This tip enables you to have better control of your swing.

Pay Attention to Your Breath

If you want to make the most out of your swings, avoid holding your breath. It may feel necessary to hold your breath when down swinging; however, this negatively impacts the quality of your swings.

Always Follow Through

A good golf swing does not stop at hitting the ball. It is essential to follow up on all your swings. Attempting to stop your shot too prematurely can throw off your swing, causing the ball to go out of control.

Train Your Tracks

A bit of visualization can help you improve on your swings. Ensure to move your body in a way that allows you to hit the ball straight. Ensure to always stand in a position that will enable you to visualize a straight shot.

If you are already a good golfer, there is always room for improvement. Becoming better at golf begins with you working to achieve the perfect swing. It may seem like this achievement is only meant for pros who participate in big competitions, but that is not always the case.

You can work on your postures when taking your swing using the tips above to become an excellent golfer. If you feel like you need professional training to better your swing, you can always enroll in a golf academy like the Bird Golf School Florida. Here you’ll get pro instructors who will guide you through the journey of becoming an overall better golfer.