God Sleeps on September 11th

Please Donate to Our GoFundMe page. Our goal is $50,000, enough to purchase just fifty more bloodhounds for law enforcement agencies around the country.  This would be in addition to the more than 600 bloodhounds the Jimmy Ryce Center has donated in the past 24 years.  Every dollar helps!


He was nine, and his name was Jimmy Ryce. He was abducted on September 11, 1995.
“God sleeps on September 11,” his late mother, Claudine Ryce, came to say.
We know from his killer’s confession that Jimmy had just gotten off a school bus less than a block from his home in Redland, Florida.
A man jumped from a truck, pointed a gun and asked, “Do you want to die?” The man forced Jimmy into the truck and took him to a trailer. For four hours, he tortured Jimmy and raped him.
When Jimmy broke away and tried to escape through the trailer door, his abductor shot him in the back and killed him. Three months later, Jimmy’s dismembered body was found hidden in concrete containers.
His killer was eventually put to death, showing no remorse for his crime.
Jimmy’s parents, Don and Claudine, vowed that their son’s death would not be meaningless. They put aside their pain and worked tirelessly to prevent a similar tragedy for happening to another child.
After months of careful analysis, they started the Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction. One of their strongest charges was to raise funds to obtain bloodhounds for law enforcement agencies.
When Jimmy was abducted, a bloodhound did not exist for law enforcement. The Ryces always have believed that if a bloodhound was available that fateful day, Jimmy would have been found.
“A bloodhound has 60 times the scent power of a German Shepherd and is the only dog that can follow a human trail more than a few hours old. A bloodhound is your best single bet for bringing a child, abducted by a predator, home, alive. We believe that Jimmy would be alive today if a bloodhound had immediately been brought in to search for our son.”
Don and Claudine Ryce