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Glorious Evening of Italian Tapas and Wine Pairing at Palladio Trattoria

Palladio Trattoria
Wines for Italian tapas and wine pairing
Palladio Trattoria

Palladio Trattoria is a restaurant in Bonita Springs, Florida serving Italian cuisine. The restaurant is owned by Emanuela Calcara (Chef Emma). Chef Emma is from the Piedmont region in Northeast Italy, and comes from a family of 6 generations of restaurateurs.  Although Chef Emma features items on her menu from Northern Italy, she can deftly switch her culinary tack. This is in part through her training at The Cordon Bleu in Pasadena and post graduate gigs with Live Nation Entertainment and kitchens of celebrity chefs.


I was contacted by The Wine Tasters of Cape Coral (WTCC) organizer, Peter Young, to attend a food and wine pairing and document it, which he kindly arranged for me gratis. This group has been around for three  years and has about 60 members. Besides serving as a social group, membership enables participants to purchase wine collectively at a substantial savings.


Nick Parker, Domaine Select Wine and Spirits

The event was billed as Cicchetti (small plates) da Palladio, and featured wine pairings served by Nick Parker, area sales representative for Domaine Select Wine and Spirits. There were five wines featured that day, two  whites and three reds, all from Northern Italy. As for food, there were five courses, and even a piano player that day.

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The first wine featured was a Flor Prosecco. As mentioned in our tasting, Prosecco is Northern Italy’s contribution to sparkling wine. This particular Prosecco was developed by celebrity chef Mario Batali and collaborators, and is the house sparkling wine served in all of Chef Batali’s restaurants. It was a bit dry for a brut sparkler which I liked.

This was served with a duo of plated items, the first being a cucumber canape with a cucumber base, smoked trout, mascarpone cheese, tarragon and lemon zest. The second was a “parfait” or tower of ring-molded grilled octopus with cranberry bean and pickled onion dressed with limoncello, parsley and olive oil. This was extremely good and my second favorite of the day.

Stuffed zucchini flower

The second white wine, a Ribolla Gialla from the Italian winery Bastianich was next. It was good, but fell a bit flat on my palate. This was my least favorite wine of the day. The pairing here was with a stuffed zucchini flower, a seasonal item widely available this time of year in Italy. The flowers were stuffed with Prosciutto di Parma and two different cheeses. These were a Pecorino Sardo, a salty Sardinian cheese made from sheep’s milk that was balanced with Burrata which has a Mozzarella shell stuffed in this case, with Ricotta cheese. It was good, and a small palate cleanser for the rest of the day’s repast.


The next dish was baccala (sort of a salted cod) served in the style of the Northern Italian city of Vencenza, slowly simmered in seasoned milk and served with polenta. Though a bit salty for me, the wine pairing for this dish was great. A Dolcetto (little sweet one) D’Alba from the winery Giacomo Borgogno was poured. The vintners really know what they are doing and should as the winery has been around for over 400 years. It was a very nice light bodied, smooth on the palate red wine. Our wine steward for the day compared it to a Pinot Noir; fair enough.


Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan was served for round four. It was good, brightly acidic and paired with a Chianti Classico from the Gran Toscana winery. There are a number of different designations of Chianti. For the sake of brevity, the classico designation refers mostly to where the grapes used in the wine are grown where a superiore classification has more to do with production and aging requirements.


Paninetto all Porchetta

We finally finished with a stuffed and roasted pig, paninetto all porchetta. Traditionally Roman street food, this dish is anything but that in the 21st Century. Marinated in white wine and spices for days, the suckling pig is deboned, flattened out, stuffed with a mixture of thyme, rosemary and other herbs, rolled up and roasted. The porchetta was carved and served on sourdough bread. Condiments included picked onions, a mostarda (concentrated fruit syrup flavored with mustard oil) and a stone ground mustard combined with ground walnuts. This was incredible and beyond delicious. Served with this was a Brecciarolo Superiore from the Velenosi winery, a low tannin, full-bodied wine going nicely with this dish.

Wine Tasters of Cape Coral

After the meal, an opt in/out tasting of a more coveted wine was available to attendees which happens at the end of each WTCC gathering. A magnum of 1997 Barolo from Giacomo Borgogno was opened, decanted and served to those opting in. Not paying attention and unaware of the tradition, I was not privy to this but heard very good things.

All in all, this was a great event with excellent camaraderie, food and wine. The food served to us was for the most part remarkable and if this gathering is typical of other WTCC events, they are highly recommended.


There will be another wine food/wine pairing here independent of WTCC on August 15. Please call the restaurant for details.


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Palladio Trattoria
28340 Trails Edge Blvd.
Bonita Springs, FL 34134


All major credit cards accepted; Kid’s meals available; Summer Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 4-10 PM



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