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Get Close to Nature at the 2018 Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival


If you want to learn more about Florida nature including birds and wildlife, plan to attend the 21st Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival January 24-29 featuring the bird industry’s most renowned experts who conduct field trips, classes and panel discussions.

Watching birds gives many of us a way to connect with the natural world around us. We disconnect from our own daily lives and observe our feathered friends in their natural environment. Whether stalking a meal, flying through a forest, busily building a nest or soaring high above, these creatures can teach us many lessons.

Admiring their beauty while listening to songbirds adds to our world while we quietly observe our feathered friends, relishing the present moment. We admire their freedom of flight and even meditate on these lovely creatures as they flit about in a seemingly peaceful world. Their beauty, simplicity and fragility remind us that nature deserves to be respected and protected.

Maybe you are a casual bird watcher, but have you ever wanted to know more about the world of birds? Have you ever wondered, while walking the beach, what is the difference between a tern and gull, or a sandpiper, or a plover?

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If you want to learn more, gain first-hand experience, and get more enjoyment from the world of birding, there’s an easy way.

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