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Fun Activities & Things to Do When Visiting South Florida

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Is South Florida on your summer vacation to-do list? South Florida is a top tourist destination given its conducive tropical climate and bounty of hidden treasures. From snorkeling to boat riding over the Everglades, here are five fun activities and places to visit during your South Florida trip.

Airboat riding in the Everglades

Airboat riding is a major tourist attraction in the Everglades. The expansive Everglades has rich biodiversity and offers tourists an excellent chance to interact with wildlife in their natural settings. Hire an airboat for a day’s trip around the park’s marshlands and watch alligators in their natural element. Learn about the threats facing the national park’s ecosystem and conservation efforts. Tour the renowned Anhinga trail, Hammock’s mahogany boardwalk, to experience the park’s unrivaled outdoor adventure.

Explore Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, a bustling city, is famous for its beautiful beaches, cultural diversity, and entertainment events. Commonly referred to as the world’s yachting capital, Fort Lauderdale features hundreds of inland waterways and one of the country’s largest mega-yacht collections. Fort Lauderdale yacht charters offer attractive yacht renting rates and a pleasant experience of the city’s intercoastal waterways.

Explore the Venetian Pool

Coral Gable’s Venetian Pool is a unique freshwater pool and one of the largest in America. The pool was initially an abandoned quarry site in the early 1920s. However, in 1923, expert developers transformed the dilapidated oasis into a magnificent dipping pool. It occupies about 4-acres and holds over 820,000 water gallons pumped from underground artesian aquifers. The pool features an artificial waterfall, crystal clear waters, and artificial grotto tourists can explore.

Snorkeling at Dry Tortugas State Park

If snorkeling is your thing, you should check out South Florida’s Dry Tortugas park. The remote state park is located in Florida’s key west region bordering the Mexican gulf. Though mainly consisting of open and shallow waters, the park is also home to a diverse coral reef ecosystem and seven magical islands. Fort Jefferson offers the best access to the beachfront and snorkeling areas. Walk along the undisturbed sandy beaches or dip inside the crystal clear waters to see different species of marine life, including starfish, seagrass, and tropical fish. The shallow waters provide an excellent practice area for first-time snorkelers.

Tour the Vizcaya Museum and other historic sites

The renowned Vizcaya Museum in Miami, Florida, is recognized worldwide for its unique history and spectacular architectural concepts. Built in the early 1910s, this majestic estate is a former estate of businessman, James Deering. The museum boasts a Mediterranean-inspired architectural finish and sits on a massive waterfront property occupying 35 acres. Explore the museum’s manicured gardens to learn more about orchid plantations and beautiful landscapes. Vizcaya offers a peaceful getaway from Florida’s bustling streets.