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Ft Laud Mayor Dean Trantalis Takes Fight Against Streetcar To The County

(Image: City of Fort Lauderdale)

Broward County Commissioners must know what is going on outside the windows of their offices in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

They must know that voters in the past election demanded a change in City Hall.

Voters demanded an end to the thoughtless overdevelopment of the city.

And voters demanded an end to The Wave, a money pit disguised as a streetcar project.

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We will find out later this month if County Commissioners have been listening. That’s when commissioners are scheduled to vote whether to continue the county’s multi-million dollar participation in The Wave.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis has begun lobbying County Commissioners against the project.

In a letter to County Commission Chair Beam Furr, Trantalis noted that voters in the city election two months ago chose candidates who opposed The Wave. The Fort Lauderdale City Commission voted Tuesday to end participation in The Wave.

“Let’s end this current effort and start fresh,” Trantalis pleaded.

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