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Frozen Yogurt Has Many Health Benefits Including Weight Loss

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National Frozen Yogurt Day is observed annually on February 6th.

Frozen yogurt sales are increasing every year as people want a healthier alternative to ice cream. The explosion of flavors and topping choices add to the popularity of frozen yogurt.

Frozen yogurt was first developed 1970 in the United States as a soft-serve treat produced by H.P Hood called Frogurt. Humphreys and Dannon soon followed with their own versions of the treat. Its popularity grew in the 80s, mostly due to frozen yogurts “health food” status. Ice cream manufacturers soon caught on, offering low-fat options.

  • Frozen Yogurt sales exploded after TCBY launched it’s first store in 1981, and by 1986 Frozen Yogurt sales reached $25 million dollars. By 1990, it was 10% of the frozen dessert market, and Frozen Yogurt was solidly here to stay.
  • There are many health benefits associated with frozen yogurt including: 1) it can help boost a person’s immune system, 2) it can help lower a person’s cholesterol, 3) it can help a person’s digestive system, 4) it can help prevent certain types of infections, and 5) it contains healthy elements such as protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium and riboflavin.
  • Because it contains protein, eating frozen yogurt can make you feel more full than you would if you ate other types of snacks or desserts. Therefore, frozen yogurt can help you lose weight!
  • It’s true that frozen yogurt experienced a lull in popularity for a couple of decades, but it has surged right back, and then some! In 2012, sales of frozen yogurt were $194.9 million, with 121 million servings of frozen yogurt sold—totally decimating its peak sales of $25 million in 1986.
  • Although TCBY ruled the froyo roost for decades, it’s no longer number one, despite recent attempts to rebrand itself with new décor and updated self-serve machines. As of 2015, the front-runner is California-based Menchie’s, with 13.5 percent of the market and 300 U.S. locations—which is no mean feat, considering it was only established in 2010. TCBY trails with 10.8 percent of the market and 518 locations, and then Yogurtland, sweetFrog, and Red Mango round out the top five.
  • Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan clearly can’t resist froyo—she was responsible for the installation of the first frozen-yogurt machine in the Supreme Court cafeteria. As such, Kagan joked that she’ll be remembered as the “frozen yogurt justice” in the annals of history. Not that that’s a bad thing, Your Honor.


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