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Four Common Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Despite the endless efforts put in place to avoid accidents, they always keep on happening. After they occur, they are accompanied by loss of property, injuries, and in some cases, even death.

Although no amount of money can help compensate or help one forget the incident, taking the case to court with the help of a personal injury lawyer gives some closure.

It is, therefore, paramount to understand some of these myths about personal injury lawsuits/

You Must Have a Major Injury to File the Complaint

More often than not, if the harm that one got from the accident was minor, they may be reluctant to file a claim. This is because one may feel that it may not be taken seriously by the court. However, no matter how small the injury is, it will also require medical attention, and you will incur medical bills. Therefore, talk to a personal injury specialist regardless of the size of the injury to help you get the compensation deserved from the accident.

Personal Injury Cases Talk a Long Time to Resolve

Ideally, the thought of spending a lot of time in court solving a personal injury case makes you avoid starting the process. For this reason, the myth that personal injury cases are long chases people away from them. However, unlike the myth, personal injury cases take a short time and come to an end.

Actually, a high percentage of the personal injury cases not only end before going for a trail but also complete with a settlement. Work with a Rosengard Law Group lawyer to give you an estimation of the overall timeline to avoid being misled by myths.

You Do Not Need a Lawyer If You Have Insurance

Insurance companies help you save and later compensate you in the event of an accident. However, despite the common myth, you need to have a lawyer by your side even when you have an insurance cover. This is because some insurance companies are always trying to make a profit and do not have your best interest in mind. For this reason, they could compensate you will get less money than what you need. With the help of a reliable lawyer, you have better chances of having a fair compensation.

There Is Still Time

After an accident, you may think that there is always enough time to file a lawsuit. However, waiting too long to file the suit will make it more complicated to solve it later. Additionally, dealing with a recent case increases your chances of winning since it is easier to get evidence then. Therefore, contact a lawyer as soon as you are injured.