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For the First Timers in Krabi

Krabi, located on the southern coast of Thailand, is world-famous as a popular beach destination and hundreds of offshore islands. There are dense mangrove forests, prominent limestone cliffs and serene spots for sightseeing across the whole of Krabi.

A steady rise in the number of flights to Krabi only points to the growing popularity of the island among tourists and travelers.  Every year, millions of tourists visit Thailand and its popular islands like Krabi.

Tourists take advantage of cheap Singapore airline tickets and make their booking well in advance to lower the costs. Presently, Krabi International Airport gets both direct and charter flights and the majority of them depart from China and SE Asian Countries like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang.

If you’re looking for total fun and experience the best of Krabi on your first visit, then you are just on the right page. Here is a comprehensive guide for your first vacation in Krabi.

When to go to Krabi
November to March are the best months to visit Krabi as the weather is perfect, and the temperatures are comfortable. After the month of March, the weather gets progressively hot and rainy. Hence the peak tourist season lasts from November and March.

When to stay in Krabi
Krabi offers a wide choice of accommodations to suit every kind of traveler and his budget. The accommodation scene in the Province is very impressive as there is a great choice of residences for visitors, and some of those are located very close to the beach. Some famous names include Krabi La Playa Resort, Pakasai Resort, Deevana Plaza Krabi, and more. Some of the popular and centrally located hotels include names like Nopparat Thara, Ao Nang Beach Resort.

Getting around in Krabi
Transportation should not be an issue as most of the popular attractions, shops, restaurants, and bars are located within walking distance. You can take public transport or taxis or rent a vehicle to reach specific places. Local buses, motorcycle taxis, and regular taxis are commonly used by the locals and the tourists. Traditional wooden longtail boats will take you out on the sea.

What to do and see
Krabi is teeming with different activities and must-see places. Explore the surrounding areas and just enjoy your experience to the fullest with the following activities and tours.

  • Get on a Songthea, a kind of taxi, and plan a trip to Ao Nang Beach. Spend a day on the sandy beach, looking out at the ocean and walk around the shoreline.
  • Take a speedboat for a trip to Hong Islands to enjoy a snorkeling trip. Swim and snorkel to admire the marine life and spend a great day on the beach. Snorkeling is an unforgettable experience here amidst these gorgeous islands.
  • Head for the Blue Lagoon after all that swimming and snorkeling, and the beautiful is sure to captivate your heart right away. Later stop at Railay beach and explore the area around these islands.
  • Plan a boat ride to Koh Lanta and back, and you can spend a night here if you want in a small resort of bungalows. Those bungalows are minutes away from the beach, and you must wait for the sunset, which is simply amazing.
  • Phra Nang is another stunning beach that you must visit, and here you will find some interesting shrines and caves like the Holy Princess Cave.

Where to eat and shop
Keep in mind that as Krabi is an island, shopping and eating options are limited here, and the prices can be significantly higher because of its isolation. There are a couple of favorite restaurants like Ao Nang Boat Noodle Restaurant, where one can enjoy simple and delicious lunches and dinners at a reasonable price. As for shopping, head for the souvenir shops in Krabi walking street, Vogue Shopping Center, and Krabi Exotic Décor, where you can shop for handicrafts, clothes, and jewelry.


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