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Floridians Are Going Greener, Room by Room

As human-caused climate change continues to worsen, the average carbon footprint needs to be brought down – and fast.The average American has a carbon footprint of roughly 16 million tons.

Thankfully, scientific education and outreach has begun to raise awareness and encourages Americans to lead greener, more eco-friendly lives. Despite the common adage of “it begins in your own backyard,” leading a greener life actually starts inside the home, with each room having its own impact to be lowered. 

Greenifying The Kitchen 

Many Floridians have found great success in greenifying their kitchens by limiting water usage. This can help to save millions of gallon per year. People have begun to practice only starting the dishwasher when it’s completely full, and ensuring they turn off the faucet when it isn’t in use. Using greener techniques to cook, such as not defrosting meats by running cold water over them for a lengthy period of time, has gained popularity. Window sill gardens are a growing trend as well, as they can help to recycle water and cut down on waste, as well as being delicious and rewarding. 

Eco-Friendly Bedrooms 

A fantastic trend recently has been to improve the sleeping space through greener living. One of the best things one can do is cleaning with natural solutions and products, which are considerably popular in recent “do it yourself” trends. Second to that is paying attention to the place we spend most of our time: the bed.  People have done their research to ensure they have an eco-friendly option for a mattress to lay their head down at night. These toxin-free alternatives have caught on in Florida and greatly help to promote the eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Lighting The Living Room 

We spend much of our time in the living room – it’s right there in the name, after all. This is especially true in the Floridian summers when it’s always either raining or at a heat index well into the hundreds. Because of this, many use natural light in the living room instead of lamps – opening window curtains and pulling up shades as often as possible. This keeps the house lit and the energy bill down, with the added benefit of natural lighting being a more comfortable atmosphere than static light bulbs.

While these trends are popular, there are plenty of other ways that Floridians are making their lives greener. Another common practice is replacing light bulbs with low-wattage environmentally friendly bulbs to cut down on electricity. Also, indoor plants and gardens improve air quality and lower the use of filters. There’s no line between eco-friendly decorating and home decor, so making the living space greener allows for a great amount of customization.

Green living is attainable and every bit helps us all.