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Florida Takes Back the Streets

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Southwest Ranches, Florida, was recently shocked by the horrific accident that claimed the lives of two horses and left their riders severely injured. The cause of the accident was completely avoidable as the driver responsible was reaching for his phone when he lost control of the car. The incident was reported on a national level and just cemented the importance of drivers paying attention to the road at all times, even when the roads are seemingly quiet.

While this was not the act of an aggressive driver, it certainly highlighted that drivers needed reminding of safe road practices and that complacency still remains a firm enemy.

Florida Authorities Remain on High Alert

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Although the road accident statistics from 2017 to 2018 reflect marginal improvement, Florida still needs a lot of work to come of the national radar. Florida is one of the states with the highest road accident statistics and has forced law enforcement and other agencies to put road safety on high alert. For those on the road, constant reminders of the dangers of distraction prove to be effective thanks to ad campaigns, billboards, and workshops.

Live Crash and Road Conditions Report

In an effort to keep drivers safe and alleviate traffic congestion, the Live Traffic and Road Condition Report has proven to be useful. It provides drivers with real-time information which allows drivers to plot their route before leaving the home or office.

The interactive website boasts features such as pin-drops to highlight high-traffic areas, as well as sections of the road that may cause congestion. It also provides the reason for the delays, from road construction to accidents and fender benders. This is vital for those who have an urgent meeting, wish to catch a flight, or simply have no desire to sit in traffic.

A Silver Lining for DUI Incidents

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A sharp decline in DUI fatalities seems to be in the spotlight and Florida officials are overjoyed at the results. The results pool data from 2013 through 2016 and both deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving have been reduced. While the why is still being investigated, speculations that the increase in ride-sharing companies may have something to do with this. An increase in patrols and roadblocks, and awareness campaigns may also have an effect.

Drivers can expect to encounter stricter enforcement of the road rules as safer roads are better roads for all.