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Florida is One of the Best States to Live in the US According to the Cost of Living

There are a lot of different things to consider when it comes to where you want to move to a new state. You should think about the climate, the job market and even how many people live there. Another thing worth thinking about is the cost of living.

Cost of living depends on a multitude of different factors like groceries, real estate costs, healthcare and education. Even things like your energy costs should be considered. While energy costs can vary on usage, it is a good idea to visit sites like energybot.com to see the actual price per kwh to see which provider or state offers the best rates.

While an affordable cost of living can be found in almost any state, some are generally more affordable than others. 


Florida is an interesting state when it comes to the cost of living and affordability. Some areas of the state are some of the most expensive in the country, while others are among the cheapest. Of course, while not all of the best neighborhoods in West Palm Beach and the rest of Florida are affordable, many areas of the state are.

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If you can avoid the extremely high-cost areas, living in Florida is doable for most people. The overall cost of living is lower than the national average, despite the wonderful weather and climate that the state has to offer. The taxes in the state are also incredibly low, as is the gas for your vehicle. Housing is one of the biggest costs in the state, but other than that, the cost of living is quite affordable for most individuals. 


Largely a farming state, Iowa is certainly among the most affordable states in the country. Buying a home here will be cheaper than almost anywhere else in the country, so it is perfect for those who want a new start without breaking the bank. In addition to real estate, things like groceries and entertainment are also significantly more affordable here than in many other areas of the USA.

There is also a lot of economic opportunity in the state, and the average income is only slightly less than the American average. While that might not sound good, with the cost of living being so far below the average, that is more than enough for most people to get by comfortably.

In addition to being affordable, Iowa also has a great education system and fiscal stability and is generally seen as a very safe and high-quality place to start or grow your family.


If you have affordability in mind, another state to consider moving to is Oklahoma. In particular, it is the gas, real estate, utilities and food that are among the things that help make the cost of living in Oklahoma so low. Whether you want to buy a home or rent, each can be an affordable option for almost any level of income. 

In fact, the median home value in the state is just over $130,000, which would hardly get you anywhere in many states across the country. Sure, some of the major city centers might be slightly more pricey, but you’re still paying a lot less for everything than you would in other major cities.