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Florida Democrats Don’t Have A Clue How To Win Next Election


Democrats, forget about Donald Trump. You’ve got other problems.

All the tea leaves at this point indicate a massive Democratic defeat next year.

It’s the age-old problem for Florida Ds: No message.

Democrats are also plagued with a tiny bench of proven candidates, poor fund raising and a lack of statewide professional campaign talent. Their biggest problem, however, is being unable to give voters a reason to vote for a D.

Just what do Florida Democrats stand for?

No, no, no. In a few words.

Trump summed up his campaign in four words, “Make America Great Again!”

Gov. Rick Scott’s was propelled into office with the help of the simple sentence, “Let’s Get To Work.”


All they can say at this point is, “We are Not Donald Trump.”

That’s not enough.

Perhaps Trump will self-destruct and the nation will be so angry at him they will vote in droves for Ds. Don’t count on it.

No one knows what will happen in the world and to Donald Trump between now and next year’s election. Don’t be fooled by the hair-on-fire tone of some of the media or the frenzy of your Democratic friends.

By Buddy Nevins, BrowardBeat.com, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, May 24, 2017