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Fishing in Naples: The Complete Guide

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As an angler, there’s a lot to love about Naples. The town is surrounded by mangroves and shallow flats. Head offshore, and you find endless reefs and wrecks teeming with life. Add in white sandy beaches perfect for surf fishing and inland canals full of exotic game fish, and you start to see why people love fishing in Naples so much.

There are a hundred ways to fish the Paradise Coast. Dozens of game fish to target. But which one is right for you? In this article, we break down everything that makes Naples such a great place to fish, with practical tips on what to catch, where to find them, and much, much more.

Top Fish Species in Naples

Naples is a true year-round fishery, where every month brings a new cast of characters. Spend the winter reeling in tasty Grouper. Spend the summer locked in battle with monster Tarpon. Whenever you visit, something will be biting hard. Here are a few of the top targets, and when you should visit to catch them.


This is Southwest Florida’s signature species. Huge, wary, incredibly tough – these guys have become the obsession of many seasoned anglers. The most famous Tarpon hotspots are up the coast around Boca Grande, but Naples also sees plenty of Silver Kings weighing well over 100 pounds.

Tarpon explode onto the scene in spring and stick around well into summer. April and May are great months to fish for them, before the crushing humidity of summer sets in. Once it does, fish at night – Tarpon are more active after dark, anyway.


Snook need no introduction among inshore anglers. They’re one of the true superstars of Florida’s shallow-water scene, famous for inhaling lures and doing their very best to never give them back. Unsurprisingly, they’re a local favorite in Naples.

You can catch Snook all year round on the Paradise Coast. However, they do tend to be less active in the winter. The best time to target them is March through October. The warmer the water gets, the more aggressive they become.

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