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Fast Foods Fresh Beef Burger Battle (2 Videos)

(Image: Philip Terry Graham/Flickr)

McDonald’s has decided frozen beef is out and fresh beef is in for the Quarter Pounder. Buzz60’s TC Newman has more:

McDonald’s is adding fresh beef to the menu, but Wendy’s is refusing to let the industry giant steal its advantage in the fast-food burger wars.

On Tuesday, McDonald’s announced it was swapping frozen for fresh beef in all of its Quarter Pounders at locations across the US. The fast-food chain is already serving fresh-beef Quarter Pounders at 3,500 locations and plans to complete its roll-out in early May.

Wendy’s has long been the fresh-beef burger king of the fast-food industry. In February, the chain launched a national campaign highlighting its fresh beef — and slamming McDonald’s for its frozen patties.

Some would think that McDonald’s new-and-improved burger would convince Wendy’s to lay off its brutal campaign against the larger chain. But, they couldn’t be more wrong.

On Tuesday, Wendy’s began tweeting at McDonald’s about the fresh-beef news — and highlighting that not all of its burgers made the swap away from frozen beef.

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Video by Buzz60/TC Newman