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Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Testing


Mobile Testing is the process of validating a product or application on one or more mobile devices to determine if it is meeting the customer’s needs and expectations. The main goal is to identify any bugs or errors in a product, optimize load times and test user experience on different devices.

With Mobile Testing, you can identify any problem before your app goes live to ensure that it runs smoothly with all hardware and software combinations available on the market today.

Mobile Testing has become a crucial part of the development process in the last few years. This is because more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, and businesses need to have their websites work flawlessly on these devices.

Why Mobile Testing?

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  • Mobile Testing is not just about checking if your website will show up on a smartphone or a tablet. Many other things need to be taken into consideration before launching a product on that particular device. 
  • Mobile Testing should include all types of tests that can happen in real life.
  • Mobile Testing is essential because it helps developers find problems before they actually get released, saving time and money in the long run. 
  • It also helps make sure that customers have a good experience with your app on multiple devices, like when they use your app with their fingers instead of a mouse

The most popular technique of Mobile Testing:  There are various techniques of mobile Testing. One of the popular ones being Automated Testing. Automated Testing is done by using a computer program to simulate user actions on an app.

It detects bugs and other problems that a human tester would miss entirely or have difficulty finding because there are many more possible combinations than what can be tested manually.

When it comes to mobile Testing, there are three types of tests. 

Alpha testing is when a limited number of people outside the development team use an early version of the product to uncover bugs and help developers identify problems and solutions. Beta testing is when a larger audience outside the company tests the product or service for quality control purposes.

Pre-release Testing: This usually takes place in two phases: Technical checks and usability checks.

There are various types of mobile Testing that are done to ensure a good user experience include:

  • Testing the performance of a specific device for compatibility.
  • Testing the performance of the app on different devices to make sure it displays well on each platform.
  • Digitally simulating real-world use cases and environments by making sure the app is responsive in all conditions.
  • The test apps should identify any interface bugs and crashes that might occur during normal use.

Mobile Testing can be used for both Android and iOS platforms. In addition, there are some of the tools that can be used for both platforms, like ACCELQ.