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Everything You Need To Know About Dr. Phil

For many years now, Phil McGraw is known to the public as the well-known talk show host.,  Dr. Phil.  He came into the spotlight in 1998 when he helped Oprah Winfrey win a lawsuit by the cattlemen of Texas.

The show made its first appearance on TV in 2002 and has already aired 14 seasons. Even if he has been a TV icon for such a long time, many people don’t really know who he is outside of the show.

He Tells You Everything Straight

After 14 seasons, the show is still going great and is nurtured by an enthusiastic audience.

Even though he is not a medical doctor, he has a Ph.D. degree in psychology. Patients used to visit him and he had served as a psychologist for several years. He can talk to people every day of every week and yet tell them what he actually feels towards the end. Or he can simply tell them right then. He thinks that common sense isn’t enough.

Dr. Phil Renews Deal with CBS Television Distribution till 2023

Dr. Phil McGraw continues to host and produce the daytime talk show through 2023 as stated by Steve Hackett. You can also watch Dr. Phil full episodes online.

This daytime talk show for the last 7 years is now in its 17th season. It has a made a multiyear deal by adding 3 more years to the present deal to McGraw and take it to the 21st season.

The show can be called the titan of the daytime television. As a matter of fact, it has set a golden standard by delivering usable information and sound common-sense to people every day.

There hasn’t ever been anyone like him. Hackett says that they are thrilled to continue with their relationship. He keeps on resonating with the viewers whether by guiding a family who needs help or a celebrity who has been going through a problem.

Dr. Phil is Entertainment and Not Psychology

Even though many people in the field of psychology attacked McGraw for his advice and approach, many people fail to realize that he has retired from the profession. After he had formed his courtroom consultancy firm, he had stopped practicing and retired the license in 2006. He has said that his show doesn’t require him practice psychology and it had been determined by the California Board of Psychology.

Controversy Related to the Show

The show has associated with controversy several times. This also includes the one in 1998 when he had been investigated by the Texas State Board of Examiners after he had hired a patient as a part-time employee. In 1990, he fulfilled every requirement of the case and the Board closed every complaint.

After there had been a lawsuit in regards to the products of weight loss, Dr. Phil had been sued again, this time by Satish Kalpoe and Deepak regarding an interview that they did in regards to the disappearance of the Natalee Holloway.

The Weight Loss Lawsuit

During the course of his career, Phil McGraw had discovered himself in few scandals like mentioned above. One of the primary ones had been about the products of weight loss. In the year 2003, McGraw had launched a business that included energy bars, shakes, and supplements. Soon he had been under fire and it was said that he did not have the expertise to recommend the use of weight loss products.

The products went under investigation and they had been discontinued in 2004. This put an end to the investigation. Only a year later, several users of the product filed got together and filed a class action lawsuit. It stated that the supplement didn’t stimulate weight loss. However, the suit was settled for $10.5 million.

Apart from hosting his TV show, Dr. Phil McGraw is the executive producer of Face the Truth, The Doctors, and the DailyMailTV. He is also the executive producer, and co-creator of Bull, on CBS. This is actually based on his early career being the head of the trial science firm.

McGraw is also known to have written many best-selling books.