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Erika Schilck Offers The Best Soups To Bring Fall To Florida

Roasted Tomato Soup

With cold weather around the corner, most people around the country prepare to cuddle on the sofa with soft blankets and a fire. However, that rarely ever happens in Florida where the temperature may drop down, but never enough for blankets and a fire.

That doesn’t mean that Florida residents don’t want to enjoy some of the perks that come with Fall. One of those is the endless list of soups you can cook to feel warm and fuzzy. Erika Schlick, the blogger behind The Trail to Health, offers some ideas that will bring Fall to your kitchen despite the weather.

  • Wild Rice and Chicken Soup: This is a well-known soup, but Schlick encourages people to “take things to the next level with the addition of wild rice, fresh veggies, and herbs. This dreamy soup will be sure to warm your body and spirit when the days get cold.”
  • Egg Drop Soup: “This soup has layers of flavor and it is best served piping hot. Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore, this soup is a perfect breakfast meal!”
  • Mexican Tortilla Chicken Soup: Like Schlick says, “is a heartwarming, healthy soup that will fill you up anytime you need a quick and hearty dinner. This soup is paleo, gluten and dairy-free. Made with chicken, Cassava flour tortillas, black olives, and lots of fresh herbs you won’t even know the usual non-paleo ingredients are missing. Feel free to top the soup with your favorite toppings, like avocado, jalapeno and cilantro.”
  • Tomato Soup: This soup is a world-famous soup, but according to Schlick you can take it “to a whole other level when you first roast the cherry tomatoes in an herb and garlic mixture and then turn them into the tastiest tomato soup you have ever tasted.”

If you are thinking of having a soup night or working through different recipes, Schlick, who is also a cookbook author, recommends buying an instant pot.

“The instant pot makes soup incredibly easy so that with a small amount of prep, you can have this warming, nutritious soup any night of the week.”