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Elegant, Timeless Design Defines the Iconic Patek Philippe Calatrava

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Management for the family-owned firm of Patek Philippe means it when it states, “We celebrate the idea that we can create by making timepieces.” Although it designs and produces a broad spectrum of luxury watches for ladies and men, its iconic Calatrava series watches are renowned for their classic good looks.

Because Patek Philippe watches are meant to last for generations, they are often proudly passed down from mother to daughter or from a father to his son.

In order to ensure that your treasured timepiece will endure, a regular maintenance servicing is recommended every three to five years.

The clean, handsome aesthetic of the Patek Philippe Calatrava collection, which had its beginning in 1932, was inspired by the Bauhaus artistic movement.

The collection bears the name of the Knights of Calatrava, who formed the military wing of the monks of Citeaux, a French Cistercian order.

The lines of the watches in this collection may be ultra-thin or feature a cover to protect the sapphire case back, while the bezel may be round, flat, gem-set or embellished with a hobnail design.

In the creation of its Calatrava series watches, the Genevan watchmaker uses a unique manufacturing style by controlling all of the stages involved in the production process. That means that it carefully monitors and controls the design, assembly, finishing and distribution of these timeless works of art. This same controlled process is utilized in the production of all of the manufacturer’s timepieces.

A bezel set with baguette diamonds frames the elegant Men’s Calatrava 5298P platinum watch with self-winding movement. The satin-finish brown-toned dial acts as a stunning background to the diamonds.

The unique design of the Calatrava Reference 6000 shows off a dial design reminiscent of vintage racecar dashboard instrumentation. It features a rose gold case and classic brown and silver-grey dial.

For ladies, the Calatrava 4897R is the epitome of graceful elegance. Its ultra-thin profile unites a rose gold case with a beautifully guilloched and lacquered dial. A bezel set with 72 diamonds frames the chocolate hue of the dial. It is then paired with a sophisticated satin strap in a matching chocolate color.

It’s Complicated

Some of the more elaborate Calatrava styles feature something that their maker calls ‘complications.’  A complication is defined as the addition of a horological function beyond just the display of hours, minutes and seconds, and complications fall into two categories.

‘Complications’ include the addition of one or more hands that perform functions relative to time, such as an annual calendar or World time.

‘Grand Complications’ involves the addition of astronomical indicators such as chronographs and split-second chronographs.

Fans may remember the ten-year success of the famous ‘Generations’ print advertising campaign, which was launched by Patek Philippe in 1996 and ended in 2007.

Photos for the ads were taken by world-famous photographers such as Peggy Sirota and Mary Ellen Mark and featured two generations – father and son or mother and daughter – sharing time.

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