Home Cooking Earthquake Cake Recipe (Video Recipe)

Earthquake Cake Recipe (Video Recipe)

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Earthquake cake recipe

Earthquake Cake, aside from its name, is a tasty “force” to be reckoned with. Its name originated from the baking process itself because the ingredients tend to move around, and the end result is a swirly and crumbly delight. 

It is great for a number of occasions whether during the holiday season or a simple birthday party. You can even pour syrup on top to make it even sweeter and more luscious. 

This easy dessert really deserves its name with its astoundingly great mixture of flavors and textures. The sweet chocolate, creamy cream cheese, and sweet coconut are perfect under a blanket of chocolate ganache.  

There is so much to love about this dessert. From its look down to its taste, it is one of the most mouthwatering and quickest sweet recipes that you can easily make. 

How to make earthquake cake

  1. Prep for baking. Heat oven to 350F, grease the pan and spread pecan and coconuts as the base. 
  2. Make the cake mix. Follow package instructions and when done, mix with additional melted chocolate. In a separate bowl, beat cream cheese first and make it smooth. Once done, add butter and sugar gradually.  Mix until well combined. 
  3. Combine. Pour the batter over the pan. Use an ice cream scoop to place globs of the cheesecake on top.
  4. Bake. Sprinkle some choco chips and bake for 40 minutes.
  5. Serve. Once it has set, let it cool. Cut into bars and serve.

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