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DXRacer Office Chair & PC Gaming Chair 2019

DXRacer OH/FD01/NR
How do you choose the right gaming chairs
A lot of enthusiasts are deeply attracted to DXRacer’s prominent appearance and impressed by the comfort.  But, why are there customer complaints that the chair incline is too short, the chair cushion is not comfortable, the chair is not durable and so on?
Because—– they pick the wrong series!
Many buyers do not know how to differentiate the DXRacer chair series.
Unlike other chairs on the market, DXRacer innovatively put forward the “size concept” of the chair so that people of different body types can have seats tailored to them.

Comfortable and efficient ergonomic design, together with lumbar cushion and headrest for maximum comfort. Recommended user BMI and height BMI = (Weight in Pounds / (Height in inches x Height in inches)) x 703 Formula Series Recommend User (BMI<25). 

The Good Stuff: 

  • The adjustable height and tilt technology makes this the best chair for long gaming sessions when you need to rest your head and your back.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty for the frame as well as 24-month warranty for the parts of the chair.
  • The multi-purpose chair can be used as an office chair, a lounger at home, or strictly for gaming sessions.

The Bad Stuff:

  • The tilt-lock is not very secure and maybe a problem when you adjust your chair.
  • The price may be slightly high as compared to the features available in the class.

4/5 Stars

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DXRacer FD01/N Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Chair

DXRacer FD01/N


  • Includes a lumbar pillow and headrest.
  • 360-degree swivel base, which helps in turning and rolling of the wheels easily.
  • Product description: 27 x 21 x 50 inches.
  • Aluminum star base which is of tough quality and adequate footrests.
  • Adjustable gas spring for height adjustment.
  • 2 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer
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The Good Stuff:

  • It provides complete back and neck support, which means your long gaming sessions will no longer be uncomfortable.
  • It has a headrest integrated with the chair, so your power naps will be comfortable.
  • It has a lifetime warranty on the frame, as well as 24 months warranty for the parts.

The Bad Stuff:

  • The price is slightly high, so one may have to think twice before investing.

3.8/5 Stars

DXRacer FD01/NB

DXRacer FD01/NB Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Chair


  • Comfortable ergonomic design together with a lumbar cushion and headrest.
  • Adjustable armrests with soft covers, making long gaming sessions comfortable.
  • Tilt mechanism gives you the ease of shifting the chair at any angle.
  • Recommend User (BMI<25) / Height: < 5’9″ (175 cm).
  • Product dimensions: 27 x 21 x 50 inches.
  • Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer

The Good Stuff: 

  • There is an adjustable gas height spring, which means you can elevate or lower the seat according to your requirements.
  • Adjustable seat allows you to choose the tilt angle of your choice for best seating position.
  • Comfortable breathable fabric as used in car seats, making long hours of seating feasible.

The Bad Stuff:

  • The price is slightly high according to the features available in this class.

3.7/5 Stars

And The Winner Is..? 

DXRacer Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Fe08/NW

You will love to have a product like DXRacer Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Fe08/NW Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair. It is a quality product and provides solid performance.

Why do you need a comfortable gaming chair?

  • The stress under which your neck and back are.
  • The long gaming sessions that you spend uncomfortably seated on your couch or a bargain chair.
  • The potential long term damage you are going to your posture. 

Why are DXRacer Chairs better than the others?

Most of their models are equipped with the latest technology for providing maximum comfort and support to your structure, helping you sit through long gaming sessions with ease.

They are completely adjustable in terms of height and tilt angles, making them worth buying.

They have 360-degree swivel technology, which makes them easy to steer around and come with a dependable footrest.

There are specifics you can choose from according to your height and weights, which makes them all the more customized and focused to your specific needs.

Even though they are slightly highly-priced, the features justify the cost and they can be one good investment if you are an avid gamer.

Hopefully, this review has been helpful to you for selecting the best chair for your home or office.