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Dream Big, Work Hard, Make It Happen; Spicy Organic LLC

Dreams are often the driving force behind the biggest efforts in life. It does not matter how big or small the dreams are. It is the dedication, efforts, energy, and time one puts into their dreams and makes them happen.

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry, such as Google, and Microsoft started from a small garage and room and now have practically taken over the entire world. They are the prime example of how dreams work and the dedication and efforts it requires to transform them into reality.

Similarly, one company that has the same success graph is Spicy Organic LLC. This is an Indian-American company owned by Sunil Kumar and his family. The company deals with top-quality spices, herbs, oils, and teas, sourced from organic farms in India. Currently, Spicy Organic LLC is worth millions and is catering to customers in India, the USA, and other major countries of the world. But what seems like a well-established name today was not always prominent.

Small Towns and Big Dreams

Dreams work differently for each person. A big dream is a bold vision that one has set for the future. It can either scare or excite a person depending on the trust they have in themselves to make it come true. Dreams ignite a spark within oneself and bring out the passion, imagination, and creativity in a person. It is capable of making a person realize the willingness they possess to embrace the risk involved in transforming dreams into reality.

Spicy Organic LLC is owned and managed by a small yet dedicated family that belonged to Lisora, a small city in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India. Initially, Spicy Organic LLC was a family-run business. Every single decision and step were taken together by all family members. The head of the family was in charge of the small set-up of spices in the city’s main market area. The cash flows were normal and suited the tiny shop. But the family had a bigger vision. They aimed to generate more revenue and expand their business.

Owning a spice shop in India was not a huge deal. As spices are native to the land, almost every other person was involved in the production and business of spices. So, to compete with the tough market, the family focused on the quality of their spices. Although the family had no prior knowledge of doing business, they trusted their instincts and did everything that would improve and elevate their little spice shop.

Spicy Organic LLC aimed to provide the best to its customers from its early days. The family laid great emphasis on quality farming techniques, immaculate and hygienic processing techniques, and appealing packaging that would entice the customers.

These small yet effective techniques made a huge difference and made their products stand out from the rest. They soon observed an increase in the demand for their products in the market. With time as the demand increased and the business flourished, the Spicy Organic LLC became a known name in the city.

As a growing business, the first step is always expansion. So, the family decided to take their business up a notch and expand in India’s twenty-eight states. Spicy Organic LLC had properly established its business and was now competing with the country’s leading spice brands. As they enjoyed the status of being counted as a top brand in India, they now wanted to enter the international market.

In 2010, the family decided to move to the States along with their business. The USA had a huge Indian market, and launching a spice brand seemed viable for their business. Although it was a gamble to expand their business to an entirely new market, the family believed in the quality of the products and were sure that they would survive.

The faith in their product, and dedication towards making their business a known name in the States, achieved the status Spicy Organic LLC has in the international market today.

Currently, Spicy Organic LLC is headquartered in Texas and caters to a large customer base across the USA. They focus on producing the best and highest quality products – in terms of aroma, taste, flavor, texture, and color.

They believe in their mission to provide only the best of the best to their customers so they can enjoy the explosion of aromas, colors, and flavors that clean organic spices can bring to the nose, eye, and palate.

With a single vision and dedicated work ethic of the family, Spice Organic LLC is on its way to become the world’s leading spice brand!