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Do I Need A New Phone Line For Broadband?


Using lined networks may look and sound messy but they are essential for most internet or broadband networks. They provide low-latency internet with reasonably high download speeds that are not possible without a wired connection. A home landline or a phone connection sounds obsolete in the face of smartphones and smart devices.

It is true that this is the era of IoT. We now have smart connected homes with ultimate security options and we are making lives easier every day due to constant innovations in technology. However, there are many people who are living in the rural districts, outside the metropolitan areas that do not have the basic internet facility just because deploying infrastructure is either not possible or it is too expensive.

The satellite internet

HughesNet Internet is one such option, which provides connectivity without a phone line or any other type of wire. They offer satellite wireless broadband and are one of the leading ISPs where satellite internet is concerned. Their upgraded Gen5 technology is has revolutionized their already reliable services with consistency and uniformity. No matter where you are, you have a reliable, fast-speed internet connection available at reasonable costs.

The equipment that comes with the satellite internet is more expensive. However, once you realize the lengths that a signal travels to bring the power of the internet to your household, you don’t think too much of the price. They offer amazing clear internet plans with consistent speeds. There is no hard data cap and there are no unwanted, surprising price hikes during the term of their two-year contract. HughesNet offers global coverage and is available throughout the United States.

The question that we end up with is this, if you do not have a phone line or do not want one, can you still have broadband service. The answer to this question is yes. A broadband connection is still possible. There are other ways as well except for the most obvious satellite internet choice. You can choose the fiber-optic cable, which is different from a phone line, and go for a broadband-only connection. Alternatively, you can choose the 4G or 5G services provided by your mobile phone data service provider.

How do phone lines work?

Phone lines are metal-based network providers. In case you are living at a location where the basic infrastructure is missing, you cannot have a line-based internet connection. The problem is if the network of phone lines is not possible due to infrastructure issues then your area may also be lacking in all other kinds of wired connections.

What networks do most ISPs use?

Most Internet Service Providers offer cable, DSL, and Fiber-Optic networks. The same ISP simultaneously manages these variable networks. If one goes missing or isn’t available then the service provider will not see it fit to provide other services as well. They can compromise on fiber network as it is more expensive and isn’t an affordable option for everyone but most people in America are cable TV users. If the cable isn’t present then that means you won’t have access to the most reasonably priced and high-speed cable internet.

These ISPs try to cover up their costs by offering bundles and plans that include phone services. This is done to balance the costs that they have to bear by either deploying the infrastructure and its maintenance or the cost of using another company’s fixed-line network.

What is the final verdict?

We recommend that if you don’t want to invest in a plan with wires and cables of any kind then your only option is satellite. For people surviving at remote locations with no access to basic telecommunication services, satellite broadband is nothing short of a miracle. With the coronavirus pandemic still strong and with so many people suffering due to lockdown and related restrictions, having a way to connect with the rest of the world is an absolute necessity.

Teachers and education specialists can stay in touch with students and help them carry on their studies regardless of any outside situation. Students can download and stream lectures from services like YouTube and stay in touch with their respective study groups.

Online healthcare has allowed for better opportunities for caregivers and medical specialists, making sure that patients receive all the necessary medical care under any circumstances.

It is only because of satellite internet services like HughesNet that patients can book inline appointments from anywhere in the world. Internet is literally saving thousands of lives everywhere.


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