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‘The Dive’ – James Cameron Next Blockbuster Based On Miami Love Story!

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Pipin Ferreras and late wife Audrey Mestre (via DeepQuest.Institute)

Top filmmaker James Cameron is said to be in Miami these days to do his research for a major late 2017 release that’s supposed to star Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

The project, deemed by Hollywood trade publications as “in development,” is an ocean-based drama centered on the true story of North Bay Village residents Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras and his wife, Audrey Mestre.

In the 1990s, Cuban expat Ferreras and French-Mexican Mestre were among the world’s best known ocean freedivers. They competed to dive as deeply as possible on a single breath of air.

A former spear-fisherman, Ferreras set 21 depth records without an air tank, including a 531-foot dive in January 2000.

By most accounts Mestre, Lawrence in the flick, was just as daring as Pipin when she died off the Dominican Republic in 2002.

Mestre couldn’t be revived after spending nearly nine minutes underwater when her equipment, a sled that pulls divers to their target depth, malfunctioned.

Ferreras and Mestre’s marriage was said to be in shambles at the time, and some of their fellow deepdivers blamed Ferreras since he was in charge of the sled.

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