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Disney World Changes How It Prices Theme Park Tickets (Video)

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This week is ‘Disney Week’ here at ThePointsGuybut the surprise announcement from Disney related to big changes in ticket pricing was decidedly not in the scheduled coverage line-up. The updates to Disney World ticket pricing were announced Monday in an official Disney Parks video and blog post.

Beginning October 16, Disney World will change how you buy tickets to its Central Florida theme parks. In addition to launching what they hope is a more streamlined booking experience sprinkled with tips from the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel and more based on your selections, how tickets price is also changing. Once these changes take place, gone are the varying prices for one-day tickets based on which Disney World park you plan to visit (Magic Kingdom currently costs the most). While a one-day ticket price will no longer vary based on the park you choose to visit, it will continue to vary based on date. In fact, date based pricing is expanding.

For the first time, Disney World is introducing date-based seasonal pricing for multi-day tickets tied to the exact dates of your trip. Expect to see peak season dates cost more and off-season dates cost a bit less. Some dates may cost the same as today. Until now, only one-day Disney World tickets had seasonal pricing — multi-day tickets were a consistent price throughout the year.

Another major change coming on October 16 is that Disney tickets will be sold to be used on specific dates. You will have to pay extra if you want to purchase tickets without a specific date in mind. Currently, Disney World tickets have expiration dates, but you don’t have to know exactly which date you will use the tickets at the time of purchase.

The Points Guy, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Sept. 25, 2018

Video by Disney Parks via YouTube.com