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Discover Majorca A Hidden European Gem

The Spanish Balearic island of Majorca is well known in Europe for being an amazing place to vacation. Golden beaches, UNESCO protected sites, history, shopping, and culture combine to make any visit to Majorca wonderful. This is perfectly complemented by a dazzling array of 5 and 4 star hotels in Majorca and the island has other accommodation options.

With this in mind let’s take a deep dive into Majorca to highlight why it makes a great place to visit for any European vacation.

History and Culture

Majorca is located off the coast of the Spanish city of Valencia in the Mediterranean Sea. Although the Greeks and Phocenin’s first settled the island it was the Romans that turned it into an important trading hub. Some of the fortifications the Romans built can still be seen today.

Once the time of the Roman age had passed it was settled by the Moors. Using their sophisticated irrigation know-how of the time, they put in complex irrigation systems on the Tramuntana Mountain Range allowing orange and olive trees to flourish. These systems were improved when Spain drove out the Moors returning the country to Spanish rule.

Remnants of these cultures can still be felt on some parts of the island. Take a walk through the Old Town of Alcudia for example and you will encounter narrow streets in the Arabian style. You will see Roman fortifications that still stand to this day. You will feel like you have walked back in time as you take in your surroundings.

Accommodation in Majorca

Majorca accommodation is good no matter your budget. If you go for the higher starred hotels it is a good idea to use a trusted brand such as Iberostar.com as they have good offerings in great locations. Many travelers like to stay in coastal locations to take in the views on long summer evenings and have breakfast while the intoxicating sea air works its magic.

Golden Beaches

Although many beaches on Majorca are geared towards tourism there are always hidden gems to find. Soller, for example, is a great beach to top up your tan and get some sunshine. The beach is soft and golden and there are interesting rocks to explore which is great if you have a young family.

Soller is not just a beach but a town as well. So when you want to take a break from tanning on the beach you can grab a coffee or something to eat. To get there you can jump on a ferry or arguably the more exciting means of travel is to drive down to it from the MA-10 road. Here, you travel down hairpin bends which have been carved into the rock. It is a thrilling drive and an interesting one.


Majorca has plenty of good nightspots to suit all tastes. If you want to party away until the sun rises there are plenty of clubs and bars that never close. Music of all kinds can be heard in different venues so you can have quieter nights if that is your thing.

The island has restaurants a plenty that serves traditional Spanish paella and tapas and many throw in an exciting Majorcan twist. Cuisine from other parts of the world is also available and plentiful.

In essence, Majorca has nightlife for you no matter your tastes.

Getting Around

Majorca is well served by a comprehensive bus service which takes you to all parts of the island. It also has good taxi companies and hire car firms. Depending on the kind of vacation you are after you may want to hire a car and get around under your own steam. The bus service is great but they tend to stop everywhere so they tend to be long, slow journeys.

Once you have your own transport the island is your oyster and thanks to Majorca’s road network everywhere is accessible.

Must See Places 

Cap Formentor is the most northern point on the island and locals call it the ‘meeting place of the winds’. Here you will find the famous lighthouse and have a full view of the Mediterranean Sea and northern peninsula of the island so have a camera at the ready.

The Tramuntana Mountain Range is protected by UNESCO and has lush vegetation growing down the slopes. You will find towns and villages scattered across the range and these towns have their own flavour and qualities which distinguish them from each other.

As they are used to visitors there are plenty of places to eat and if you visit on market days you will find a souvenir or two.

Majorca is a hidden gem. It has everything you could ever want in a vacation including history, culture, things to do, places to see, together with great food, nightlife, and accommodation. Ensure you see Majorca at least once preferably three times.