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Daytona Beach Doubles Down On Motorcycle Safety

Daytona Beach police are looking to increase enforcement of motorcycle safety laws in the region in order to better protect both cyclists and pedestrians. While the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2017 was 5,172, a 3% drop from the year before, this particular region of Florida wants to ensure that number continues to decrease for years to come.

Current Risk To Riders

While most people understand that motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than other types of motor vehicles, not everyone fully recognizes how dangerous they can be. Most conventional wisdom about motorcycle safety remains unfortunately inaccurate, leading people to ride in dangerous conditions without proper safety gear. In Daytona Beach, the rates of dangerous riding are higher than average, with the area ranking third out of 101 mid-sized Florida cities in serious motorcycle-involved crashes.

Taking Steps To Save Lives

Because of the rate of motorcycle crashes in the region, the city commission is expected to sign off on a Florida Department of Transportation grant of $55,000. This grant will be directly used to reduce the rate of motorcycle crashes in Daytona Beach and ensure that any accidents that do happen have a higher chance of survival for all parties involved. Specifically, Daytona Beach police have stated that the money will be used as additional funds for overtime payments for traffic enforcement. Police will be specifically on the lookout for cyclists that are putting themselves and other drivers or pedestrians in danger through reckless driving, improper safety gear, and more.

Consequences For Drivers

If the FDOT grant is approved for the Daytona Beach police department, it is likely that both drivers and cyclists alike will see an increase in citations. Police have stated that they intend to issue at least one thousand extra citations as a part of the operation to increase motorcycle safety in the area. While the citations will most likely still be limited to Daytona Beach and the surrounding area, drivers passing through or around the area should be on the lookout and drive carefully. Whether this additional funding will actually impact motorcycle safety and reduce crash rates remains to be seen, but measures could be implemented as soon as next week.