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Custards Baked In Pastry (Custard Tarts) Were Very Popular In The Middle Ages.

National Chocolate Custard Day on May 3rd each year celebrates a delicious pudding-like dessert enjoyed by many.

  • Pastry chefs and home cooks alike make custards by blending eggs with milk or cream and heating the mixture either on the stove or in the oven. Since custards come in a variety of consistencies, you can choose the one that best fits your dessert preference. For example, they range from a thin liquid-like a creme Anglaise to a firm creme brulee.
  • Mixtures of milk and eggs thickened by heat have long been part of French cuisine. Custards baked in pastry (custard tarts) were very popular in the Middle Ages.
  • Custard bases may also be used for quiches and other savory foods.
  • Due to the fact that it is a very fine organic powder, custard powder is explosive.
  • A Swedish restaurant used to take the skin off custard that had been left for too long and sold it to customers as their “Speciality pancake.
  • Flan, or crème caramel, is a custard baked in a dish coated with caramelized sugar that forms a sauce when the custard is unmolded.
  • For crème brûlée, the baked custard is sprinkled with sugar that is caramelized under a broiler or with a hot iron called a salamander. The sugar forms a thin, crisp shell over the custard.
  • Frozen custard is a cold dessert similar to ice cream. It is usually kept at a warmer temperature compared to ice cream and typically has a denser consistency.
  • Savory custards are sometimes encountered, the most notable being quiche, a French tart with a filling of custard flavored with cheeseonionsham or bacon, or chopped vegetables.
  • Custard is ancient. The idea of cooking milk together with eggs to thicken it goes back at least to Roman times; it’s listed in Apicius. It’s probably far older than that.
  • The name “custard” derives from “croustade”, which refers to the crust in which the dish was baked.
  • Custards baked in pastry (custard tarts) were very popular in the Middle Ages.
  • In the 17th century, fruit creams became popular and it was about this time that custards began to be made in individual dishes or bowls rather than as fillings for a crust.
  • The first ballistic custard pie was discharged by Mabel Normand in the direction of Fatty Arbuckle in A Noise from the Deep (USA 1913).
  • The most custard eaten in three minutes is 5.44 kg (12 lb) and was achieved by Molly Schuyler (USA) at the Dish Nation / Kidd Kraddick Studios in Irving, TX, USA, on 25 April 2014.


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