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Cosmetic Surgery In Barcelona Is Booming


The rising number of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in Barcelona is at an all-time high. Many people are visiting Spain for their cosmetic and plastic surgery needs.

The popularity of cosmetic and plastic surgery has advanced rapidly owing to the advancements in technology which have provided various options for patients seeking these treatments. Cosmetic surgery aims in enhancing and correcting an individual’s appearance.

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination making the number of foreign patients swarm in the various cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics available locally. This has further elevated the demand for locals who have embraced this elective procedure due to cultural or lifestyle changes.

But why travel to Barcelona for cosmetic surgery?

  • Affordability

Cosmetic surgery treatments in Barcelona are affordable and low costing than those done in the United States or the U.K. These low costs are due to the availability of cosmetic doctors in the area, and the low flight prices to visit the country. The cost depends on the doctor’s qualifications and the package of treatment that is being considered.

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  • Convenience

The convenience of foreigners being able to access cosmetic surgery while being on vacation is a plus as they get to experience the best of both worlds. The trip to Barcelona is also a marvel, and the flight is short and frequent. The high number of cosmetic surgeons in the country also cuts back on the wait time usually found in most clinics.

  • Professional services

Some of the best cosmetic surgeries are done in Barcelona, with renowned surgeons developing a network of clinics that provide specialized services to both foreign and non-foreign patients. Most services in Barcelona offer English-speaking services to foreigners who are anxious about the language barrier. Most foreigners are more receptive to treatment when they can comfortably understand what the medical specialist is saying.

Types of cosmetic surgery procedures

Various cosmetic treatments are popular in Barcelona:

  • Butt implants

These are some of the most common procedures in cosmetic surgery which involves butt augmentation to restructure and resize the butt. A firm and round butt is the craze for patients with many considering implants the way to go. Implants are the surest way of changing the appearance of the buttocks to making them shapely. Candidates for butt implants are checked for sagging skin around the butt area to ensure if they qualify for the procedure. The butt implants are installed at the top and bottom cheeks. The doctor will place the implants into the muscles to give the buttocks its shape and reducing the effect of damage to the sciatic nerve which often results to back problems later on. Every doctor has their precise way of installing implants and this varies with the type of doctor and their level of experience.

  • Botox

Botox injections are another common cosmetic procedure that prevents the contracting of the muscles. The release of the Botox chemical acetylcholine prevents the muscle from contracting and makes them less stiff. These treatments prevent the formation of wrinkles and slow down the effects of aging. Botox injections are commonly done on the face, with injections being done in the mouth, forehead, and chin. These treatments take up to seventy-two hours to take effect and can last for up to twelve months.

  • Lip fillers

These are cosmetic injections done on the lip to help get the perfectly plumped lips. These injections consist of Hyaluronic acid which holds up with water causing the lips to provide a plump look.

The cost of cosmetic procedures in Barcelona

The cost of cosmetic procedures depends on various factors. The prevalence of several cosmetic doctors in Barcelona has made it possible for patients to receive the best possible care at affordable rates.

The cost of treatment is dependent on:

  • Number of sessions

Every cosmetic procedure requires several sessions for the treatment to take effect. For instance, Botox requires a minimum of three sessions for the full effect to take place. Choosing the right treatment plan will help in saving on these costs, as the doctors will provide a subsidized rate for multiple sessions. Repeat treatments also count for the rise in costs.

Things to consider before cosmetic surgery treatment in Barcelona

Insurance companies rarely cover cosmetic surgery, though it is best to consult with the insurance company before leaving for Barcelona for the procedure.

It is also paramount to check the surgeon’s qualifications before booking a session. Conducting a background check and seeking out referrals will help ensure that the right doctor and medical team attend to you.

Barcelona has strict criteria for medical doctors, which has strict regulations during their practice. Cosmetic surgeons in Barcelona go through comprehensive training which makes them experts in their area of practice. This training ensures that they go through intensive practices that make them almost foolproof and ready to handle any cosmetic procedure they are faced with.

Barcelona takes pride in promoting and sensitizing the public on their adept medical doctors through their annual recognition at various seminars. For instance, the International Congress of Plastic Surgery encourages plastic surgeons to participate and awards them different accolades.

It is paramount to discuss with the cosmetic surgeon individual needs and wants before treatment to ensure realistic expectations. Several patients go in with unrealistic expectations and become shocked about the outcome of the procedure. However, credible doctors will give create an image of how the final results will look like. The practitioner will also advise on the right amount of injections that will help achieve the overall look the patient is going for.