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Commercial and Residential Floors Trends with DIY Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Is it in your plans to repurpose your vacant properties and generate profit from them? If you opt to post your spaces online for rent or participate as Airbnb providers, you have to look for ways to renovate.

The impact of the pandemic has affected construction supplies. One of the US’s largest firms, Turner Construction, reported that most raw materials’ costs increased in the fourth quarter of last year. The concrete material cost, however, is one of those which experienced a decline.

Walk on the DIY path

Why not take advantage of this news. With the cost of concrete now taking a dip, you can start DIY flooring projects in your properties. The renovation will begin on your sturdy surfaces. In and out of your properties, you will find a spot that needs treatment. Repolish your steps outdoor commercial resurfacing St Louis or remodel your garage.

Get the latest remodeling tips now from your local epoxy garage flooring St Louis. Next door, you may find your freelance designer friend, and who knows, you can start collaborating with them when you DIY your floors.

DIY with Epoxy Flooring to Revamp Residential and Commercial

Take advantage of the benefits that concrete flooring has. When it is paired with epoxy, the results are seamless footing s that provide you a safe space. Maintenance is also easy as this type of multi-coating system resists stains.

Now here are the latest flooring trends you can use with epoxy to design and revamp the concrete floors.

High Contrast Flooring Design with Epoxy Resin Art

The Pantone Pandemic Color hailed the bright yellow and the natural grey as the color of the year. One might find this coupling a little too extreme. But now it works. Work your way to flooring design as well when you try to paint the floors with a trending color theme. You can pick a single-color base and splatter a second layer of epoxy flooring to reveal a contrasting effect.

Honeycomb Patterns with 3D Flooring

You can use honeycomb patterns that display alternating chrome and grey. The hex shapes adapt to any form of space. Make your kitchen floors effuse a modern and playful vibe for a sweet cooking time.

Honeycomb patterns also look good on your bathroom floors and walls. If you want your commercial space to reflect your love and advocacy for bees, then you can imprint on the vast steps honeycombs using 3D epoxy flooring.

Finish with a Spark! Use Glitter Coating Epoxy

Remember when you are young? You used to play with glitters only to ruin your artworks. It is quite hard to use them, especially if they smudge on all the wrong places. This will not happen to you anymore. With using epoxy coating, your floors will enhance with sparkling paint.

An epoxy floor coating does not refer to paint, though. This material has resin, and when you apply it to a surface, it hardens. The outcome is a shiny, flawless top layer. You can cast glitters over the flooring. To do this, mix in the glittery chips or powder to an epoxy floor mix. As it dries, the glitters hardened on the floor.

Metallic floors for the year of the Metal Ox

There’s no other way for you to celebrate the Metal Ox’ year than to prepare your properties with metallic epoxy floors St Louis.

A mix of epoxy coating is poured on with metallic chips or glittered paint. The paint chips will diffuse in the epoxy. This method results in a shimmering base coating o the floor. Some users will add another layer of a clear coating to seal the surface. Are you now convinced that working on the floors gives so much fun?

A professional flooring contractor is just a call or a block away from you. You can ask them what epoxy coating is best for your flooring.