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COD Warzone: The Guide To Aim Like A Pro


Call of Duty: Warzone remains the love of gaming enthusiasts and experts till the end of time because of the virtual battlefield that brings out an impressive graphically scripted gore. Following no storyline and purely based on the decisions and movements of the players, it hammers that triumph plausibly in this game is no easy feat.

If you do not want your opponents to win because of your lousy aim, here is a list of tips and tricks to uplift your shooting strategies!

Wiggling For Weapons!

Warzone depends on both the maintenance of survival in the game and the ability to forge attacks. Therefore, shooting bullets would only land with a perfected aim when the player has recognized the weapons that work well for him. To know whether a sniper fits your hands or shotgun, you have to know your gaming style.

To gain the best shots, test and recognize your playstyle. Then, customize your weapons accordingly via the loots and load-outs. You can also buy and unlock weapons of your choice.

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Aiming Tactics

Aiming is an arduous, indispensable, and essential task that garners you almost everything in the game, be it killstreaks or wins with level-ups.

Center your aim so that the shots lie as accurately as possible. Centering the aim means to keep the white crosshair on the spot of the enemy. If you remain on alert with your centered aim even when you loot, you will hardly need time to adjust it.

Transfixing Accuracy

During gunfights and shooting, players momentarily lose their footing and aim on the target. This is because of the recoiling of the weapon. Often, the vulnerable recoiling moment has presented dangers to the players because their opponents can quickly attack them within the duration.

Therefore, fix your weapon at a spot or base to avoid the recoil force that causes a momentary paralysis to your movements. You can also use your controllers to control recoil by positioning the stick or mouse against the recoil. Keep a watch over the recoil patterns of your weapons and choose accordingly based on the situation.

The Settings Method

While making alterations with the settings does not necessarily guarantee a win, it aids the trail by acting as a catalyst for mastering perfect shots on enemies.

Fool around with aim assist and change the sensitivity to aid in fast-paced movements of players. Put the sensitivity in average or a little over that to neither be sluggish because of low sensitivity as it cannot keep pace with fast speed nor overshoot because of extremely high sensitivity.

Testifying Thumbsticks

Thumbsticks are analog joysticks clipped or stuck to the controllers to provide an additional length advantage according to the chosen shape. The platform offers a better grip on your fingers over the control panel.

Depending on your playstyle and weapon chosen to launch fires, sort the thumbsticks.

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