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Changes To SouthFloridaReporter.com

Some of the additional stories you can see on our website

Dear Readers:

In the coming days you will see some changes to the amount and types of stories you receive from South Florida Reporter. 

We’re in the process of adding new sources of information, that are only visible on our website and not necessarily in the daily email you receive.

Why only on the website?

These new additions are constantly being updated 24/7. To notify you of every change would flood your inbox with emails from us.

One of the new feeds is “Trending News”.  There are similar feeds for entertainment stories and sports news.

“Latest video” section – continually changing playlist

As you navigate our website’s main page, you’ll also note a section of just video stories. This video playlist consists of a dozen stories, that continually update throughout the day. The videos cover everything from breaking news to off-the-wall news.

Scroll down the main page a little further and you’ll find the “BizWireTV” reports. It’s for those of you interested in trending business news.

Changes to the E-Mail, too

We’ve also made a change to the email you receive. No more just a one liner giving you the just the title. Now you’ll receive more information about each story.

Let us know what you think about the changes in the comments section.

Mark and Terri



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