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Caring For Yourself After a Breakup

A breakup can shake up your entire world, changing everything from your friend group to your daily routine. If you’ve recently experienced a breakup or divorce, it’s vitally important that you take care of yourself. Investing time in yourself can help ensure that you are healthy, both mentally and physically, as you deal with your grief.

There are numerous ways that you can care for yourself after a breakup, including the following:

Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

One important thing to focus on after a breakup or divorce is spending some time reaching out to your loved ones. It’s easy to isolate and avoid reaching out to friends and family, worrying that they won’t understand the situation. However, there’s 1 divorce every 36 seconds, so chances are they’ve known someone who’s gone through the experience before. Talking to your loved ones about your situation can go a long way toward helping you feel like you have the support you need in a difficult time.

Consider Therapy

If you’ve never gone to a therapy session, now may be a great time to consider it. Talk therapy can help you process the emotions that you’re feeling in a healthy manner, and is a great investment in your mental health. A therapists’ office is a safe space, where you can share what you’re experiencing and how you feel about it, without having to worry that you’ll be judged. If visiting a therapist in person doesn’t work for you right now, consider signing up for a virtual therapy session instead.

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Get Out of the House

After a breakup, getting out of the house can be a wonderful way to distract yourself. Spend some time researching your local area online to learn about destinations near you that you may enjoy. Often, we don’t know about interesting adventures that are waiting in our own backyard. For example, Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas covers around 19,000 square feet and has a combination of 30 shipping containers and 41 multifunctional modular cubes making up its perimeter. You may have something equally interesting near you, once you begin researching your area.

Focus on Healthy Living

Spend some time thinking about healthy choices that you can make for yourself, without focusing on what your ex would have wanted. It’s easy to become fixated on our partners and the decisions that we make for them, forgetting about taking care of ourselves. Now that you’re newly single, spend some time deciding on some healthy choices that you’d like to make for yourself, and start putting them into action. Have you always wanted to start a specific kind of exercise program? Would you like to start drinking more water? Is it time to begin that new skincare routine? Making a change for yourself can be extremely empowering, now that your ex-partner is out of the picture.

Try Out a New Hobby

If you find that you have too much time on your hands, consider trying a new hobby. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to garden, write a book, or play a video game like Minecraft, it’s time to invest some time in yourself. The population of people learning to play Minecraft is actually reaching record heights, with 400 million of its 600 million active players coming from China.

After you’ve experienced the trauma of a breakup or divorce, it’s important to spend some time healing and focusing on yourself. Whether you’re learning a new hobby, focusing on a new skincare routine, or spending extra time with friends and family, this dedicated time is important for your mental health. Using the time after a breakup to heal, rest, and grow as a person can help you to prepare yourself internally for your next relationship.