Can We Dish? Sit Down Next To Sue Mengers In “I’ll Eat You Last”

Laura Turnbull as Sue Mengers in I’ll Eat You Last (Photo by George Schiavone)

By Bill Hirschman,, for, Aug 4, 2015 – It’s a seduction. The woman lounging on the sofa with a mouth as blue as her mumu is a born storyteller and she quietly draws you under her spell until you realize you are on a rollicking log flume ride through the dog-eat-dog world of celebrity.

I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers at GableStage is an acerbically delicious cross between a gossip fest and a memoir of the legendary Hollywood super-agent of the 1970s, brought to life by the exquisite Laura Turnbull under Michael Leeds’ deft direction.

Mengers’ name may ring only the vaguest of far off bells for the current generation and a half. But equaled only by Swifty Lazar, La Mengers was an iconic grande dame whose bulldozer will and foul-mouthed but incisive wit made her as famous in the entertainment world, tabloids and trade papers as any of her clients – especially as a glass ceiling smasher. It’s a touch ironic — but would be no surprise to her — that the fame was ephemeral in a world where you are only as valuable as the gross of your last picture.

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