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How Can The GoPro Karma Be A Success?


Recently we took a closer look at GoPro’s tangled relationship with the drone industry. Having provided the cameras that many pilots take for granted and rely upon for aerial photography, the company is now banking on the industry it’s helped grow with the impending release of its new Karma drone.

But as you probably know, the exact specifications and capabilities of the Karma remain a complete mystery. In a few months the big reveal will happen, but until then we thought it would be interesting to speculate. Not just about the features that GoPro’s new drone will have, but about what it needs to have in order to compete at the top of the consumer market.

Here are five things that we’re expecting/hoping for…

Ease of use

The big cheeses at GoPro are clearly hoping that by introducing their own branded drone, they’ll be able to appeal to GoPro fans who aren’t necessarily natural-born pilots. The majority of the camera company’s loyal customers will never have flown a drone before.

The key then will be for GoPro to produce a drone that can be easily handled by a total novice, without being too boring, automated or alienating for current drone enthusiasts. Who knows, maybe the huge customer base that GoPro can reach will be big enough for current pilots’ opinions not to matter too much.

One ease of use-related feature that GoPro has teased at is the ability to simply throw the Karma into the air.

By SouthFloridaReporter.com Sept. 12, 2016 

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