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Bumble Will Pay You to Travel the World and Go on Dates (Video)


Dating app Bumble wants to pay you to travel the world go on dates, make new friends and professional connections for one year. Buzz60’s Sean Dowling has more.

If you’re always the queen bee of your social group Bumble has a job for you.

Bumble, the women first social networking app that currently boasts more than 60 million users in 150 countries around the world, announced on Friday that it’s looking to fill the role of “Global Connector Bee.”

And the job is just as awesome as it sounds. The Global Connector Bee will go on dates, make friends and create professional connections with other Bumble users all across the globe.

According to the company, this is an all expenses paid opportunity to see the world and make new friends. It will go to just one individual who is capable of tackling the nuances of dating, has the ability to find and make new friends, as well as is a networking mastermind across the world.

“We are a global company on a mission to connect great people in a kind and empowering way,” Chelsea Maclin, Vice President of Marketing at Bumble, said in a statement. “As our company and community of users continue to grow, it’s so important for us to advance our on-the-ground research about the global dating culture so we can optimize our product offerings for new communities and future generations.”

Travel and Leisure, excerpt posted on  SouthFloridaReporter.com, June 4, 2019

Video by Buzz60/Sean Dowling


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